Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Questions & Random Thoughts

How does Warren Sapp go bankrupt when he's barely been retired from football for five minutes?  Hell, he went directly into Dancing With The Stars and on air positions at both the NFL Network & Showtime.

Why is assault & vandalism legal as long as a MTV or VH1 television camera is rolling?

Is it just me or are Wu-Tang fans not necessarily hip-hop fans but just like them as an oddity like the current generation views Odd Future?  So many Wu fans that I encounter may not even have any other favorite hip-hop artists from that era outside of Wu.

After listening to Kanye West's Theraflu, I wasn't very impressed.  Did it suck?  No.  Was it good?  No.  Kanye is slowly, but surely sounding like too much of a tough guy that we know he isn't.  He was wearing backpacks and whining about working at The Gap not too long ago.  Now he's talking greasy to NBA power forwards who can snap him in half.  Really?  REALLY?  He and Kim deserve each other.  I hope they marry and have child and name her Givenchy, Burberry or Vuitton.  They should launch her Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook & Google+ pages with the posting of a sonogram before she's even born.

Are there any shows starring Black men, besides the train wreck known as House of Lies?

Apparently nice guys are getting a bad name.  Maybe it's just guys in general?


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a "nice guy" to me. There are guys who are nice and guys who are not nice. But "Nice" shouldn't be the defining characteristic for anyone.
If that's all you can say about yourself, "I'm nice," I'm just going to wonder what more there is to you, and why you didn't lead with that.

Unknown said...

What's the difference between nice guy and a guy who is nice?