Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne

When you decide to name your release: Watch The Throne, and have your cover art designed by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, your album is already swimming in pretension.  Hubris of this level comes with incredibly high expectations that can definitely suffocate average artists and certain athletic royalty.  So, with that being said I will admit that my standards are definitely sky high when evaluating Jay-Z & Kanye West's newest offering.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • This project seemed like Kanye West featuring Jay-Z.

  • Otis sounds a lot better in context with the rest of the album. We get it! You have passports and want us to believe you love all things European as well as "high art". Although the subject matter bores me, the song definitely gave the album some much needed grit in a sonic sense.

  • I could've seriously done without Swizz Beatz and a lot more Jay-Z on Welcome To The Jungle.
What did you think of Watch The Throne?  Any favorite tracks?  Share your thoughts with me.

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Ivory Dome said...

I had no hopes or expectations for this album but I feel Watch the Throne is that person that brags about what they can do and when asked to do it, they give you all the reasons why it might not be good. The kings of this throne are no King Solomon, they just have diamond studded crowns. I expected this album to have a great deal of substance but that only comes in 2 or 3 tracks, murder excellence and new day are stand outs. That's My Bitch takes the cake for that 90's new jack swing vibe. Why I Love you is admirable for its honesty. This album is forgettable but the major stand out is its fashion clad Tisci cover, yes it's memorable because it avoids cliches.

Anonymous said...

I had no expectations for this album either. I heard H.A.M. and thought it was unremarkable. Some witty lyrics and a decent beat behind it, but nothing to make it stick in my mind. Otis was more of the same. I actually thought the beat was just ugly and lacked much of anything that would turn it into more than a looped Otis Redding song.

The album as a whole has some pretty noteworthy sonic moments, as well as a few songs with content that make you listen close. However, I think overall they lyrics suffer from too much "swag" (I hate that word) and gloss. This album sounds like a bunch of features over tracks that Drake would rap over.