Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Thoughts: It's free for everyone, but YOU.

I love it when I'm reading an article or blog and come across someone expressing my thoughts to a t.  Demetria Lucas has been writing an advice column on dating and relationships featured on The Root for sometime.  Recently a woman wrote in about finding a man that is husband material, although she's currently dating a guy that she describes as not being marriage material and "a 'street guy' who has kids but doesn't seem passionate about them."  Demetria's answer focused on the obvious question of, why is she with him.  But towards the end of the piece she hit on something that ate away at me like crazy when I was "actively" trying to date when I was younger.
Men complain that women will waste time with men who are of little value, giving them relationship benefits with no titles, and then suddenly decide they want a good guy and want him to put a ring on it. And the guys are rightly thinking, "For what? You want me, a man of substance, to step up to the plate, but for a man of less quality you have no requirements? Please."
This is one of those things that it seems like women can say to other women, but if a man were to say it he would be seen as a misogynist.

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