Friday, January 29, 2010

NNEKA Interview

ReelBlack sat down with Nigerian recording artist Nneka on the eve of the release of Concrete Jungle, her first collection of songs to be released in the US. In this exclusive clip, she ruminates on the power of music and the meaning behind her work. Already touted by Rolling Stone, Nneka is an artist to watch in 2010.

Last month NNEKA released a free mixtape with J.Period. You might want to check it out.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Of War III Gets A Release Date

According to the Playstation Blog, March 16th will be the beginning of video game March Madness. You can already pre-order God of War III.

There will also be a God of War III: Ultimate Edition that will feature:

  • Copy of God of War III.
  • High-end sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box.
  • Limited edition God of War art book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews.
  • Exclusive content downloadable via PlayStation Network.
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges.
  • Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus.
  • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise.
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Geekery: Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen

How dope is this?!!?

In this video Mr. Edlen discusses his process for creating his art as well as how he got started.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Thoughts: Complete Non Sequiturs & Apropos Of Nothing

I haven't written anything of any significance for sometime.  I've had so much going on personally in the last couple months that I haven't had the time or at least for a while, the internet.  Most recently I've just been flat out sick as a dog and still recovering.

  • 8thlight's tip for the kids:  A cough that outlasts 3 or 4 bottles of Tussin, a 5 day Z-Pak (Azithromycin) & Promethazine will likely lead to the emergency room.  My first trip the ER was nothing like County General Hospital.  I was expecting a waiting room flooded with people and me spending HOURS in it.  I was actually seen rather quickly.  One thing that I am not expecting to be a pleasantly surprised by will be the bill I receive since I have no insurance.
  • I'm soooo glad the Jets were able to knock off the Chargers last week.  It was hilarious to hear people talk about how the Chargers have the Colts number as if the two teams were meeting in the first round of the playoffs.  When will people learn that Norv Turner is . . . well, Norv Turner!  I also hate their general manager A.J. Smith ever since he fired Pitt alum Marty Schottenheimer after he went 14-2 during the regular season.  The Chargers should fire Mr. Smith and give his job to Marty.  Schottenheimer's teams had a toughness that these Chargers don't.  If they continue to rely solely on the pass and a defense with no bite at all (Shawne Merriman does NOTHING in big games!), they should get used to only being able to beat the Colts in the playoffs.  The curse of Marty is in full effect!
  • Is it just me or does Philip Rivers look like American Dad with that big jaw and stupid grin?  

  • Also, how dope is it that both the best wide receiver and the best corner back in the NFL are both Pitt Panthers?  As little as my degrees have done for me in life, I still manage to rep.  Odd, I know!
  • Where in the world is Nikki Jean?  I seriously miss this chick.  She inspired the creation of my acronym, I.W.D.H.B.W.  Her videos would literally help brighten my day.  I could use some serious day brightening right about now.  If anyone reading this knows her, please tell me why she stopped making videos.  :(
  • Sometime this coming week I plan to finally post my top albums/mixtapes of 2009.  It would be nice if I could have that up before we hit February.  lol
  • I've always loved Skyzoo's music, but the more he's interviewed my love for the cat grows!

  • As you should know by now, I'm a bit of a Google Fan Boy.  From the moment I hopped on the Google Voice bandwagon I threw one of their widgets onto my blog (top of right column).  I was hoping that it would lead to a reader or two reaching out a touching me.  Sadly that's not been the case.  As a result I am just going to flat out ask . . . Can a blogger get some love?  Can I get a message of any kind?  If you are worried about me seeing your phone number, you can hide it through the widget if you feel so inclined.  You can just say hi and tell me what you like about my blog, what you don't like about my blog . . . hell, you can even shout out your own blog!  You can ask me random questions.  The widget is strictly for voice mail messages.  If you request a call back, that can be arranged.  lol

  • With your permission I would like to post the cool messages here for you and the rest of my readers to hear.  You don't need to drop your government name.  You can keep it internet friendly with a pseudonym.  Hell, my name is 8thlight.  lol

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mick Boogie, nVMe & Duck Down Records - Survival Kit Mixtape

01 Survival Kit Intro by DJ Sherazta
03 South Bronx [Remix] - Cause, The Kid Daytona & Chaundon [Prod. by nVMe]
04 Buck Em Down [Remix] - Christian Rich [Prod. by nVMe]
05 Sound Of Da Police [Remix] - Diz Gibran & Shawn Chrystopher [Prod. by Ill Tal]
07 Step Into Our World [Remix] - Team Facelift & Jade [Prod. by Abaddon]
09 MC's Act Like They Don't Know - Sha Stimuli, Promise, J.A.M.E.S. Watts & Fashawn [Prod. by nVMe]
10 I Got Cha Opin '09 [Smirnoff Signature Mix] - Kardinal Offishall & Buckshot [Prod. by Havoc]
11 Past*Present*Future - KRS-ONE, Buckshot, Melanie Fiona & Naledge of Kidz In The Hall [Prod. by 9th Wonder]

You can also cop KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aziz Ansari's Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening

I caught Aziz's show this past weekend on Comedy Central and it was hilarious. You should defintely check it out. I've been lower than low for a minute and it was a halfway decent pick me up.

You can also cop the mp3s: Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening with Digital Booklet

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Late Night With The Roots

01 The Roots – How I Got Over
02 Ludacris – I Do It For Hip Hop / Last Of A Dying Breed
03 Mos Def – Casa Bey
04 Beastie Boys – So Whatcha Want
05 Black Star – History
06 Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock
07 Ghostface – Baby (Featuring Raheem DeVaughn)
08 Wale – Pretty Girls
09 Raekwon – Catalina
10 50 Cent – Baby By Me / Do You Think About Me
11 Clipse – Popular Demand (Featuring Black Thought)
12 Clipse – Grindin’ (Featuring Black Thought)
13 Rick Ross - Magnificent
14 Q-Tip – Barely In Love
15 Goodie Mob – Soul Food
16 Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
17 Blackroc - Dollaz & Sense / Tellin Me Things (Featuring RZA)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflection Eternal - The RE:Union Mixtape

01 Intro
02 Revolutions Per Minute
03 In This World
04 Hip-Hop (Unreleased)
05 Back Again
06 Wishing On A Black Star
07 Just Begun (Featuring Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def)
08 Come Around (Featuring Termanology & Royce Da 5'9) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
09 Internet Connection
10 Let It Go (Featuring Dion)
11 Testify (Featuring Styles P.)
12 Time
13 The Thrill Is Gone (Featuring Styles P.) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
14 Can We Go Back

The Reflection Eternal Classics:

15 Fortified Live (Featuring Mos Def & Mr Man)
16 Chaos (Featuring Bahamadia)
17 The Express
18 Respiration (Featuring Common & Mos Def)
19 Definition (Featuring Mos Def)
20 RE:Defininition (Featuring Mos Def)
21 Move Something
22 Ghetto Afterlife (Featuring Kool G. Rap)
23 The Blast [Remix] (Featuring Erykah Badu)
24 Good To You [Prod. by Kanye West]
25 Get By [REMIX] (Featuring Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes) [Prod. by Kanye West]
26 Back Up Offa Me
27 Piano (Featuring Ghostface Killah)
28 Music Is Life (Featuring Nas)
29 Hang Ups
30 Outro