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Aloe Blacc Show In Pittsburgh 6/16/10

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer

Royce Da 5'9" - The Bar Exam 3

01. Intro (Most Interesting Man In The World)
02. The Most Interesting Man
03. Go Hard Pt. 1 (Featuring Kid Vishis)
04. On Fire (Featuring Crooked I)
05. Skit
06. Real Hip Hop (Featuring Black Milk & Elzhi)
07. Acapella
08. It's Over Freestyle
09. Nobody Fuckin’ Wit Us (Featuring Bun B, Crooked I & Joe Budden)
10. Airplanes Freestyle
11. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #2
12. Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley [ShadyMegaMix]
13. I Hate Your Pants (Skinny Jeans)
14. Forever Freestyle
15. In The Club
16. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #3
17. Go Hard Pt. 2 (Featuring Kid Vishis)
18. Vagina
19. Psycho (Skit)
20. Psycho
21. Drama (Featuring Trick Trick & Junes Flow)
22. I’m Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23. 187 (Saigon Response)
24. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #4
25. Taxi Driver
26. Iceman Skit
27. Lyrical Hitman (Featuring MarvWon)
28. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #5
29. Spark Yo Brain

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New: Royce Da 5'9" - Real Hip-Hop

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New: Black Milk - Don Cornelius

Eminem - Recovery (Cover Art & Track Listing)

From the list of guest appearances alone, it guarantees that Recovery won't be as good as Relapse, but hopefully this isn't the final listing.

01. Cold Wind Blows
02. Talkin' 2 Myself (Featuring Kobe)
03. On Fire
04. Won't Back Down (Featuring P!nk)
05. W.T.P.
06. Going Through Changes
07. Not Afraid
08. Seduction
09. No Love (Featuring Lil Wayne)
10. Space Bound
11. Cinderella Man
12. 25 To Life
13. So Bad
14. Almost Famous
15. Love The Way You Lie (Featuring Rihanna)
16. You're Never Over

Info courtesy of

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random Geekery: Google Makes Pac-Man Tribute Permanant

On May 21st Google decided to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary by turning their trademark logo into an actual Pac-Man game.

If you'd like to give the game a try you can still do so at

DJ Heat & 9th Wonder - Head Of The Class 3

01 Murs - 3:16 Pt.2
02 David Banner - Strange (Featuring Big Remo)
03 Wale - Beast
04 Kida - Fight This Feelin'
05 Laws - Shining
06 GQ - Lights, Camera, Action
07 Buckshot - The Feeling (Featuring Sean Price)
08 9thmatic & Khrysis - Make It Big
09 M1 Platoon - DMV Rock
10 KC - Hold On (Featuring James Poyser)
11 Big Remo - NC's Finest (Featuring 9thmatic)
12 Actual Proof - Genius
13 Big Remo - Swing (Featuring 9thmatic)
14 Laws - Look Easy (Featuring Diz Gibran)
15 TP - The Fresh Prince Is Back
16 Kevin Cossom - Green Light
17 King Driis - Hold On (Featuring Shadow)
18 Big Remo - Ladies (Go Ladies)
19 Holly Weerd - Weirdo [9th Wonder Remix] (Featuring E. Jones)
20 David Banner - Something Is Wrong
21 Big Remo - It's Real (Featuring 9thmatic)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Details On Google TV

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions, straight from Google:
Q. What is Google TV?
A. Google TV is an open platform for TV-related devices that brings together the best of TV and the best of the web to deliver the premier entertainment experience for the living room. It is built on Android and runs the Google Chrome web browser.

Q. What does it mean for the developer community?
A. The Google TV platform will bring developers into the living room. Web developers can start taking advantage of the big TV screen as soon as products hit shelves this fall. In the future, the Google TV platform will allow developers to navigate TV content. Android developers will not only have access to most of the Android APIs currently available but also to Google TV-specific API extensions that tap into the power of TV. We will have more details later this year.

Q. When will Google TV be available?
A. Google TV devices will go on sale in fall 2010.

Q. Will Google TV work if I don’t subscribe to paid TV service?
A. You don’t need a set top box for Google TV to work. However, a set top box and service is required to access your TV feed.

Q. Does Google TV require Bluetooth support? Can I use Bluetooth keyboards and game pads with the devices announced?
A. Google TV will come with its own input device. In the future, other input devices may be created and used with Google TV.

Q. When will the SDK add-on for Google TV be available to developers?
A. The SDK add-on with Google TV-specific extensions will be available a few months after first product availability.

Q. Can I download Google TV? When will it be open sourced?
A. No, Google TV is only available pre-installed on Sony TVs and blu-ray players, as well as Logitech companion boxes. We are working hard to open source the code for the Google TV project, and hope to release the source code next year.

Here's some of what Engadget had to say:
The basic facts

Google TV isn't a single product -- it's a platform that will eventually run on many products, from TVs to Blu-ray players to set-top boxes. The platform is based on Android, but instead of the Android browser it runs Google's Chrome browser as well as a full version of Flash Player 10.1. That means Google TV devices can browse to almost any site on the web and play video -- Hulu included, provided it doesn't get blocked. It also means that Google TV devices can run almost all Android apps that don't require phone hardware. You'll still need to keep your existing cable or satellite box, however -- most Google TV devices won't actually have any facility for tuning TV at launch, instead relying on your existing gear plugged in over HDMI to do the job. There's a lot of potential for clunkiness with that kind of setup, so we'll have to see how it works in person.

All Google TV devices will have remotes with some form of QWERTY keyboard, and you'll be able to use Android phones as remotes as well. Using an Android phone opens up some extremely intriguing possibilities, like searching for content using Google Voice Search and navigating by gesture, but it's not clear how deep the integration between Android on Google TV and Android on phones will be at launch.

Google's not going into the living room alone -- the company's launching Google TV with an impressive array of partners, each of whom has a different spin on the platform. Here's the list:
  • Sony plans to build BRAVIA Internet TVs and Blu-ray players that run the platform, all expected to launch this fall.
  • Logitech is building a Google TV "companion box" that can control your entire A/V rack using Harmony technology, using and Android phone or an iPhone as the remote.
  • Dish Network was actually the beta test partner, but we don't specifically know what its plans are -- there's no hardware right now, and Google demoed the platform using a custom IP protocol to control a Dish receiver. We're guessing that means there's no custom hardware coming, but look for Google TV-ready Dish boxes sometime in the fall as well.
  • Adobe's obviously building Flash 10.1 for the platform.
  • Intel's making the Atom CE4100 chip that's used in all these devices -- it's actually kind of a burner. More on it later on.
  • Best Buy has partnered to sell Google TV devices in its stores, so there's going to be a big retail push
If you're interested in more info, Google TV: everything you ever wanted to know.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit [Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix]

Best Buy Wants That Netflix Money

Best Buy today (May 18th) announced the availability of its new digital video service CinemaNow which will provide customers same-day instant access to new release movies and TV shows.

The service will initially be accessible through select connected Blu-ray Disc players and HDTVs, and on most PCs via the web at Beginning this month, the service will be available on all new connected Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems from LG Electronics. CinemaNow is also expected to launch on an array of other devices from various manufacturers, including Insignia, later this year.

The platform will also allow customers to seamlessly access their premium content on a wide range of Internet-connected devices from multiple manufacturers. The initial product launch, which is expected to be followed by an improved and updated version later this year, will allow customers to easily browse, search and purchase premium content through a highly-functional, straightforward user interface, and will deliver a high-quality viewing experience through enhanced playback technology.

The first update to the CinemaNow service is expected to release on select devices later this year and will include an advanced user interface and expanded video playback features aimed at further improving the video entertainment experience.

If you're interested, here's the full press release from Best Buy.

Introducing Google TV

The Roots - How I Got Over (Cover Art & Track Listing)

According to The Roots official website,, this is a tentative track list that doesn't include any skits or interludes that are still in the works.
Def Jam posted a tracklist this morning on their site but it was missing a few details. Here is what we have and even this not complete as the group just finished the interludes last night.
We dont have the name for the bonus cut but it was produced by ?uesto and again features STS, among others. ?uesto samples Major Lazer on the track. There are supposedly three or four interludes which will have their own titles. The singles are "Dear God," "The Fire," and "Doin It Again." "The Fire" is the song the group made for their performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

01. Walk Alone (Featuring Truck North, Porn, Dice Raw & Mercedes Martinez)
02. Dear God 2.0 (Featuring Jim James & MOF)
03. Radio Daze (Featuring Blu, Porn, Dice Raw & Mercedes Martinez)
04. Now Or Never (Featuring Phonte ColemanDice Raw)
05. How I Got Over (Featuring Dice Raw)
06. The Day (Featuring Blu, Phonte ColemanPatty Crash)
07. Right On (Featuring Joanna Newsom & Sugar Tongue Slim)
08. Doin It Again (Featuring John Legend)
09. The Fire (Featuring John Legend & Rick Friedrich)
10. Web 20/20 (Featuring Truck North & Peedi Crakk)
11. Bonus Cut

* Currently scheduled for release on June 22nd

Info courtesy of Slang Rap

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Erykah Badu by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Once again your favorite artist's, favorite artist is at work.  Watch her turn a blank canvas into the picture below . . . in real time.  I know, I don't know how it's possible either.

If you like what you see you can pay her a visit.

Soundrtack: Fall In Love (Your Funeral) by Erykah Badu

Just Blaze Explains The Death Of The Remix

SoulCulture TV caught up with Just Blaze where he explained that basically record labels and radio stations killed the remix (what a shock) for business reasons.

Judah - My Imagination . . . (Music Video)

My Imagination is off of Judah's mixtape, The Amber Rose Instrumentals.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nikki Lynette - Roses N' Guns Mixtape

For more info on Ms. Lynette check out her blog.

Hulu Updates It's Desktop Player

Donwill & Von Pea - The Sandwich Shop

<a href="">Spaintro by donwill (of tanya morgan)</a>

Click Here To Download Mixtape

Terry Urban & J Dilla - The Dills Mixtape

01. Biggie & Kanye West - Love Or Money [Terry Urban Remix]
02. AZ & Nas - The Word Up Firm [Terry Urban Remix]
03. Black Moon - How Many MC’s [Terry Urban Remix]
04. Common - So Far To Go [Terry Urban Remix] (Featuring Jay-Z)
05. Raekwon - Criminology [Terry Urban Remix] (Featuring Ghostface Killah)
06. Nas - The Flyest [Terry Urban Remix] (Featuring AZ)
07. Clipse - Mr. Me Too [Terry Urban Remix]
08. Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth [Terry Urban Remix] (Featuring Common)
09. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Diamonds Circulate [Terry Urban Remix]
10. Redman & Method Man - How High [Terry Urban Remix]

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mick Boogie & Pharrell Williams - Sounds Of Miami 4

Help Duck Down Records Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Duck Down Records is celebrating its 15 Year Anniversary.

Founded in 1995 by Dru Ha & Buckshot, Duck Down Music has sold over 3 million records in its rich history.

The label, currently home to acts such as KRS-One & Buckshot, 9th Wonder, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Sean Price, Kidz In The Hall, Skyzoo, Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik, Marco Polo, Torae, Ruste Juxx, DJ Revolution, Team Facelift, Blue Scholars and more, is continuing to thrive in the Independent Hip-Hop scene.

To highlight the 15 year milestone, Duck Down is engaging YOU THE FAN, to help in deciding the final product for the commemorative album - 15 Years of Duck Down Music.

Fans can visit

There, you'll find a list of the top songs released through Duck Down, beginning in 1995 through 2010. Fans can vote for their favorite song from each year. The song with the most votes from each year will be highly recommended to be included in the final album track listing.

Voting will end June 1st.

On July 13th, just after INDEPENDENCE DAY, the collector's item will be made available strictly as a physical CD. Fans can expect unique packaging in honor of this historic album.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Turn Your Spare Change Into Music & Coinstar are doing a little bit of cross promotion for the month of May.

Here's How It Works:
1. Unload change. During the month of May, exchange at least $5 in coins for an Amazon MP3-branded Gift Card code at a Coinstar location near you.
2. Download music. Return to this page and enter your gift card code below by May 31, 2010 (11:59 PM PDT). Amazon MP3-branded Gift Cards are good for MP3s or millions of other items at
3. Receive a bonus code by e-mail for Amazon MP3 music downloads worth $1 for every $5 in Amazon MP3-branded Gift Card codes you redeemed, up to $5 in bonus code value. Your e-mail will also include instructions on how to redeem your bonus code value.

For more info click here.

Jay-Z's Engineer Discusses 9th Wonder's "Threat"

Apparently Price Films is doing a documentary on the man that I consider the heir to DJ Premier's throne, 9th Wonder.  I already can't wait to see it!  In this clip Young Guru talks about Jay-Z's first meeting with 9th and the genesis of Threat.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Are All Witnesses To An Overrated Team

It's funny how everyone has just now started to see the Cavs for what they are. They aren't anywhere near a championship caliber team and I don't care if they go on to win the Boston series or not.

LeBron's effort definitely wasn't there in game 5, but his effort would not have given them ANOTHER 30+ points. They got their doors blown off because they are LeBron with a group of average to slightly above average players.

Think about any of the Championship teams of the last 30 or so years, there will at least be a solid B to B+ star to go along with the A+ star or you'll have a situation like the Larry Brown Pistons that may not have had any A level stars, but they had 4 or 5 B to B- level players that were good offensively and defensively.

Who is the next best player on Cleveland? The only person I can think of is Jamison and he's a C to C+ player at best. He gives great effort but he's just average or slightly above and the rest of the team is filled with C- talent or lower. Let's be real, Mo Williams is a streaky & small two guard that happens to play the the one.

Take a look at the rest of the teams still playing. Does anyone on Cleveland not named LeBron crack their starting line-ups?

Dwight Howard is an A level player and with Nelson (C+ - B), Vince Carter (B- to B) and Rashard Lewis (B- to B) and they are bringing solid C level players off of the bench. Gortat & Pietrus would START for Cleveland.

The Celtics might be old, but Rondo is at minimum a solid B level player, I personally would have him at B+. Pierce, Allen & Garnett are all at minimum B level players at their ages, but they can still give you A+ level production at anytime.

The Lakers have Kobe who besides being an A+ is still the best player in the league and I still don't even like him. Gasol is a B player, Odom & Artest are B- and Bynum & Fisher are solid C players.

Phoenix has Nash & Amare who are at minimum B+ players along with Jason Richardson who's a B to B- and Grant Hill who is a C+ player. They also have Barbosa coming off of the bench and he's a C+ player that would start on Cleveland as well.

If Cleveland were the great team that everyone in the media would like you to believe, answer me this question:  Do you think that LeBron's Cavs would even win a game in a series against the Bad Boy Pistons, Bird's Celtics, The Showtime Lakers or Jordan's Bulls?  We already know that they can't get a game against Duncan's Spurs.

Basically I used all of this text to say that Mike Brown and Danny Ferry should've both been fired by the time that you read this.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Single Off Of New Marco Polo Album

In preparation for the release of his up coming album, Marco Polo along with Duck Down Records have released it's first single: Radio by Exile (Featuring Torae & Ruste Juxx)
Months back the homey Exile asked me (Marco Polo) to remix something off his “Radio” album which was a very dope concept album. He sent me the stems to the beats and I used different sounds from about 4 different beats of “Radio” to make this remix, then I asked Torae and Ruste to jump on it.

You can checkout the track listing and preview his up coming album, The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo. The album currently has a release date of June 29th.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

CJ Monk - Resurgence Mixtape

Mr. Monk A.K.A. CKSan hit me up on and asked me to check out his instrumental album. He listed RJD2, Flying Lotus, Dimlite, MadlibJ Dilla as some of his imfluences.

He describes his style as a mix between, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop and Jazz.  What say you?
<a href="">Monk Technique by CJ Monk</a>

Click Here To Download Mixtape

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mic Terror - Can I Borrow A Feeling?

<a href="">Intro by Mic Terror</a>

Click Here To Download Mixtape

Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Geekery: Vinyl Fantasy 7

01 Kool Keith & Tom Waits - Spacious Thoughts (The Prelude)
02 Jay-Z - Lucifer (Mako Reactor)
03 M.O.P. - Ante Up (Battle!)
04 MF DOOM - Air (Barrett's Theme)
05 Outkast - Royal Flush (Sailing from Junon) (Featuring Raekwon)
06 Skyzoo - Lyrically Inclined (Jenova) (Featuring Wale)
07 Gucci Mane - Stoopid (Costa Del Sol)
08 Clipse - Fast Life (Sephiroth's Reunion)
09 Dorrough - Ice Cream Paintjob (Gold Saucer)
10 Murs - Me And This Jawn (Mideel)
11 Slum Village - Get Dis Money (One-Winged Angel)
12 Ghostface Killah - Save Me Dear (City of the Ancients)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nneka Talks Touring & Nas Remix

While in London Nneka sat down with SoulCulture TV to discuss touring with Nas & Damian Marley as well as Nas' appearance on the remix of Heartbeat.

Android Love: A Google Fanboy's Love Story

Up until two weeks ago my cell phone of choice was the LG EnV2. I chose the EnV2 over two years ago because I badly wanted a solid phone with a QWERTY keyboard. I'm a fairly big text messenger and I find it very convenient. I was coming off of a very bad experience with the Motorola Q (Never again, Motorola!) and at that point I just wanted something that would actually make calls and receive messages.

I had my EnV2 for two to three years and during that time there has been a smartphone explosion that I have been jealously sitting on the sidelines observing. I would see everyone sending tweets from their phones using UberTwitter, TweetieTwitter for BlackBerrry and would feel technologically segregated.  I would used to try using Twitter via SMS, but that isn't feasible since they disabled the ability to track your username.

But, that has all changed now that I have joined the Android Nation!  I've been playing around with my Droid Eris for two weeks, now.  I'm definitely in love with it.  I've started to figure out what's all the fuss about in regards to apps, that kids have been talking about.  Until  recently apps were for other people.  They were for the cool kids, until I took a trip to the Android Market.  Now I can tweet on the go with twidroid or tweet videos using TwitVid.

Tweeting is nice and all, but the main thing that I love about it is that all of the Google Products that I use are at my finger tips at all times.  The integration of Google Voice is phenomenal.  I love having the option of toggling between making a phone call or sending a text with my cell phone number or my Google number with the push of a button.  The synchronization of my Gmail, Google ContactsCalendar are seamless.  But, I think the icing on the cake is the appearance of Google Talk on Android.  This is a very small detail, but it's a detail that I love . . . when you have a contact in Gchat that is online through their cell phone, a small cell phone icon shows up next to their name.  It gets better!  If the person is online through their phone and it's an Android Phone, a small Android icon shows up!  How dope is that?  I didn't know so many of my friends and contacts had Android phones.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Madlib On Friday Night Flavas 2005

In early 2005, nearing the release of Quasimoto's Further Adventures of Lord Quas, Madlib stopped into L.A.'s Power 106 FM show Friday Night Flavas for a short and typically hip-hop strange set, playing much of his own production for Quas, Madvillain, MED and others.


Thanks to Stones Throw Records

Dice Raw - Dice Dilla Pregunta Mixtape

I guess Dice Raw felt inspired by The Roots Tribute to J Dilla and decided to jump on the instrumentals.  This mixtape is the result.  What do you think?

02 Pregunta
03 Hello World
04 Full
05 Doot Doo Dah Da
06 Players Play
09 Offbeat Onbeat
10 Get Ready
12 Pour Me A Drink
13 Allworlderlude
14 The End Of The Road