Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Are All Witnesses To An Overrated Team

It's funny how everyone has just now started to see the Cavs for what they are. They aren't anywhere near a championship caliber team and I don't care if they go on to win the Boston series or not.

LeBron's effort definitely wasn't there in game 5, but his effort would not have given them ANOTHER 30+ points. They got their doors blown off because they are LeBron with a group of average to slightly above average players.

Think about any of the Championship teams of the last 30 or so years, there will at least be a solid B to B+ star to go along with the A+ star or you'll have a situation like the Larry Brown Pistons that may not have had any A level stars, but they had 4 or 5 B to B- level players that were good offensively and defensively.

Who is the next best player on Cleveland? The only person I can think of is Jamison and he's a C to C+ player at best. He gives great effort but he's just average or slightly above and the rest of the team is filled with C- talent or lower. Let's be real, Mo Williams is a streaky & small two guard that happens to play the the one.

Take a look at the rest of the teams still playing. Does anyone on Cleveland not named LeBron crack their starting line-ups?

Dwight Howard is an A level player and with Nelson (C+ - B), Vince Carter (B- to B) and Rashard Lewis (B- to B) and they are bringing solid C level players off of the bench. Gortat & Pietrus would START for Cleveland.

The Celtics might be old, but Rondo is at minimum a solid B level player, I personally would have him at B+. Pierce, Allen & Garnett are all at minimum B level players at their ages, but they can still give you A+ level production at anytime.

The Lakers have Kobe who besides being an A+ is still the best player in the league and I still don't even like him. Gasol is a B player, Odom & Artest are B- and Bynum & Fisher are solid C players.

Phoenix has Nash & Amare who are at minimum B+ players along with Jason Richardson who's a B to B- and Grant Hill who is a C+ player. They also have Barbosa coming off of the bench and he's a C+ player that would start on Cleveland as well.

If Cleveland were the great team that everyone in the media would like you to believe, answer me this question:  Do you think that LeBron's Cavs would even win a game in a series against the Bad Boy Pistons, Bird's Celtics, The Showtime Lakers or Jordan's Bulls?  We already know that they can't get a game against Duncan's Spurs.

Basically I used all of this text to say that Mike Brown and Danny Ferry should've both been fired by the time that you read this.

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*Coop* said...

Delonte >> Mo.

8thlight said...

I actually think so also, but Mike Brown doesn't agree with us. lol

LDUTheCoach said...

We are also witnesses to LBJ and Co giving up....
Wow, Boston looked real good beating Cleveland but I might not be alone when I think that they have their hands full in Orlando. The Magic beat them in seven and they will again this year, they have only improved since last year with the addition of Vinsanity. Here’s proof with a prediction:
The Celtics could do it though, Rajon Rondo is a beast and Boston needs him.

Hey Shae! said...

Well I, for one, am hoping Boston whoops dat ass! ;-)