Friday, June 17, 2011

Jay Smooth On LeBron James & Me On Both Of Them

Jay Smooth just maybe my favorite person that I have never actually met or spoken to.  Scratch that, he is my favorite person that I have never met or spoken to.  He routinely manages to express my feelings better than me.  The following video discusses the exact same thought that I had the moment I heard LeBron's woefully reckless post-game press conference after losing the NBA Finals.

While Jay goes on to implore the masses to care less about sports and more about the problems of the real world, my mind immediately focused on the LeBron's blindness to the small detail that his statement also applies to his fans and fans of anything in the entertainment industry.  All fans will have to go back to their lives and problems, but if people didn't care LeBron's life that we are all envious of wouldn't be possible.

*Side Note:  I do think current Lebron fans are irrational, but I openly realize that fans are fanatics and me calling them irrational is irrational as well, if you can follow my logic.  But, if they won't admit it, why should I?

Jay Smooth is a bigger man than I and thanks for stopping by,


P.S. if you want to know why I rooted against LeBron this year check this out.

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