Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AppJudgment & I Examine Google Music Beta For Android & Web

I definitely agree with 2 of the 3 cons that were listed in the video.

  • The adding of music to your library takes way too long, but that is balanced out by the fact that as of right now it's free and for those of us with large collections there aren't tons of products out there that will store our whole collections. Amazon's Cloud player only allows five free gigs, anything above that will cost you yearly.
  • I would definitely love for there to be some kind of connectivity between Google Music Beta and Last.fm that would allow for users to share the music that they are listening to. I would imagine that at the bare minimum Google will begin to some how connect your plays/scrobbles to your Google Profile in someway since they do keep track of the amount of times you play each song within the actual Google Music site.  The ability to actually share songs through embedding for streaming would be nice, but the music licenses still need to be worked out and after all it's still in beta.
  • The ability to buy music within the app or website, I couldn't care less about.  I see the purpose of the service as to allow me to take the music I already own with me wherever I want.  I can buy music through Amazon MP3 through my phone already and who doesn't have an Amazon account.

As you can tell, overall I love it so far. The pros far outweigh the cons in my eyes and it is still in beta so I figure that these issues will all be addressed to some extent before the official roll out.

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Jay said...

The complaint against the upload time is also invalid as a good broadband connection in the US would take approximately 19 hours to upload 1,000 songs. Based on average upload speed of 371kbps, which translates to roughly 46kilobytes per second, then factored into an average song filesize of 3mb, making 1,000 songs 3gb, or 3,145,728kb. Dividing that by 46 gives you the amount of seconds it would take to upload 1,000 songs, which is where I eventually got my 19 hours. Don't blame google, blame this country's abysmal broadband speeds and upload/download incongruity.

8thlight said...

Thanks for the comment. Can't believe I forgot to mention the fact that Google doesn't have much power over the upload times.