Sunday, November 30, 2008

Charles Hamilton - Intervention

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday + Amazon = Great Day For Gamers

According to Amazon will be slashing the prices of as many as 200 video game titles by as much as $30 dollars on Friday the 28th.

PlayStation 3
*Friday Only - Fallout 3 - $39.95 (Reg. $59.99)
*Friday Only - Soul Calibur IV - $39.95 (Reg. $59.99)
*Friday Only - Call of Duty: World at War - $49.95 (Reg. $59.99)
Pure - $29.95 (Reg. $59.99)
Heavenly Sword - $19.95 (Reg. $59.99)
Resistance: Fall Of Man - $14.95 (Reg. $29.99)
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - $39.95 (Reg. $59.99)

You can find info on the deals for the Wii, XBox 360, PC, PSP & PS2 here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kanye West - Sky High Mixtape

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Dub MD Presents Hip Hop Renatus

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

RaTheMC - A Trip To Neptune & More

The interview is courtesy of

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Common's Newest Venture & UMC For Cheap

Here Common announces his blog.

And also for a limited time starting on December 9th you can get Common's newest release, Universal Mind Control for 99 Cents. Yes, the whole album will be 99 cents. lol

Gmail Gets Voice & Video Chat

Read more about it on Google's Gmail Blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Murs On Tour

Here is the trailer as well as the first episode of his podcast available in the Zune Marketplace. The Kidz In The Hall also have a podcast.

You can cop episodes 2 and on here:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Royce Da 5'9" - Bar Exam 2 Bonus Disc

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Track Listing:

01 Blue Magic Freestyle
02 Gossip Freestyle
03 Check Up On It Freestyle
04 I'm In Love With My Pistol Freestyle
05 Ya Dayz R #’D [Remix]
06 So Sick Of Your Song Freestyle
07 I Walk Alone
08 Made You Look Freestyle
09 Do Your Thing (Featuring Guilty Simpson)
10 102.7 Radio Freestyle
11 Glow (Featuring Elzhi)
12 Can’t Tell Me Nothing Freestyle
13 Best Rapper Alive 2005 Freestyle
14 Success (Featuring Obie Trice)
15 Black Girl
16 War
17 Who Got Bodied Freestyle
18 She's The One (Featuring Eminem)
19 Done Talking Freestyle
20 Strapped
21 When I Was Young (Featuring Proof)
22 The Mic
23 I Get Money Freestyle

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Like Darth Vader On My Breakfast Toast

The title was courtesy of Mr. Keith Murray . . . kinda. The toast is courtesy of the dark side.

If you're interested in some cool ass toast you can cop this at

It's Now A Lot Easier To Get To Sesame Street

Hulu, YouTube, iTunes Take A Walk On Sesame Street

By Robert MacMillan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Yes: on iTunes, Hulu and YouTube.

After almost four decades on Public Broadcasting Service-affiliated television stations, the popular children's program "Sesame Street" is moving to the Internet.

Fans of Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie and the Count will be able to see episodes and clips of the show in three ways, according to a statement released by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group once known as the Children's Television Workshop and that started Sesame Street.

The announcement comes on the same day that "Sesame Street," which is broadcast in 140 countries, celebrates its 39th year on the air.

Read the full article here.

I love Sesame Street, but let's be real. The real reason for this blog was to post the greatest youtube video ever!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can It Be A Mural?

The Steelers Are Officially North America's Team (Kinda)

Today I was listening to Tirico & Van Pelt as I normally do and they started off by rehashing the the Monday night game between the Steelers & Redskins. They talked about the dominance of the Steelers defense as well as Byron Leftwich stepping in to relieve Ben, but the big story to them was the fact that Steeler fans took over Fedex Field. lol It was so bad that the Redskins had to go to a silent snap count in their own stadium! I guess they have not been paying attention to how Steeler fans take over damn near every stadium they go to. Anyway, their mystification prompted me to fire off a quick e-mail. To my shock my little sentence was read on national radio and the phrase "The Pittsburgh Steelers are North America's Team" was broadcast over national airwaves!!!!!

Move the movement my friends!

In order to hear my moment of glory you can fast forward to the 34:25 mark. :)

Redskins on the Fan Turnout: "Disappointed"

D.C. Sports Bog

By Dan Steinberg

By the end of this morning's open locker room, every Redskins player was being asked about the Pittsburgh fan invasion. You know, the one that prompted Michael Wilbon to write this:

The Steelers left town with a victory, with Roethlisberger also smiling and not seriously hurt, and with the Redskins licking their wounds after what felt like a loss on the road. From the racket made and "Terrible Towels" being waved, Leftwich might have thought he was playing in Pittsburgh, since between 15,000 to 20,000 Steelers fans snapped up tickets and promptly took over FedEx Field in their black road jerseys. It really gets a little tiresome hearing how great Redskins fans are, only to see fans of the Cowboys or Steelers or Eagles commandeer FedEx Field. Really, they're a very average lot, at best.

Ouch. By the way, nothing like watching Redskins fans from the stands turn their backs to the field so they can take cell phone pictures of Wilbon in the press box.

Anyhow, my original estimate of 15 percent Yinzers? Way, way, way off, according to the team.

"50-50," H.B. Blades guessed.

"it sounded like 50-50 from the noise they were making, but maybe 60-40," Fred Smoot said.

"it might have been half, I don't know, it might have been 40-60," Randy Thomas said.

"40?" guessed Casey Rabach. "When I looked at the stands after the game, there wasn't many red, there was a lot of [bleeping] black though."

"I have no clue, but there was a lot of black," Mike Sellers said. "A lot of it."

Rabach said he asked for the silent count in the second quarter, and that he and Jason Campbell used it about a half-dozen times. Why?

"I couldn't [bleepin'] hear him," Rabach said.

Go to Washington Post's D.C. Bog For The Full Article.

WTF, Muhammad Ali?!!?!?!!

According to this was one of the top 50 WTF moments in comic book history.

To the denizens of the DCU, Clark Kent is Superman, but to kids (and adults) growing up in the America of the 70's, it was Muhammad Ali. Unless you're in your 30's, you might not get the context. Ali was, in the eyes of the world, one of the biggest celebrites in the world. Boxing had gotten a boost in the arm with the 1976 film, Rocky.

DC hired the famous Batman team of Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams to put the story together, and it was a hell of a story; Ali and Superman fight to determine who is the champion of Earth so the winner will face an alien champion. Superman, depowered to make it fair, falls to Ali, but in the end, Ali claims, "Superman, WE are the greatest!" If DC was smart, they could have continued this trend with Bruce Lee vs Batman, The Flash vs Evel Kneival and Elvis vs Darkseid.

To find out where on the list that this moment landed as well as the other 49 moments, click here.