Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WTF, Muhammad Ali?!!?!?!!

According to UGO.com this was one of the top 50 WTF moments in comic book history.

To the denizens of the DCU, Clark Kent is Superman, but to kids (and adults) growing up in the America of the 70's, it was Muhammad Ali. Unless you're in your 30's, you might not get the context. Ali was, in the eyes of the world, one of the biggest celebrites in the world. Boxing had gotten a boost in the arm with the 1976 film, Rocky.

DC hired the famous Batman team of Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams to put the story together, and it was a hell of a story; Ali and Superman fight to determine who is the champion of Earth so the winner will face an alien champion. Superman, depowered to make it fair, falls to Ali, but in the end, Ali claims, "Superman, WE are the greatest!" If DC was smart, they could have continued this trend with Bruce Lee vs Batman, The Flash vs Evel Kneival and Elvis vs Darkseid.

To find out where on the list that this moment landed as well as the other 49 moments, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I actually remembering reading this comic book! Yeah, I'm an old head.

Bruce Lee would have DESTROYED Batman!