Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade Of Flying Lotus


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Before There Was Good Hair There Was . . .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

J.PERIOD & NNEKA - The Madness (Onye-Ala)

New York, NY (December 8, 2009) – From fury to folly, overwhelming enthusiasm to complete rage – madness is a term used to describe an extreme state or extreme journey, which tends to leave the participant altered, sometimes forever. In an era of political corruption, fast paced technology, and what some may argue as a cultural renaissance, madness is sometimes the term that fits best to describe the state we’re living in today. It is the madness that speaks to our generation, and The Madness (Onye-Ala) that Nneka and J.Period present to the world on December 15, 2009. Utilizing J.Period’s unique documentary-style approach to the mixtape, The Madness (Onye-Ala) is a collection of new and remixed tracks from Nneka, the Nigerian born singer/songwriter who is quickly making her stamp on the US.
Featuring guest appearances from heavyweights of all kinds, The Madness (Onye-Ala) includes exclusive new tracks from M-1 (Dead Prez), Jay Electronica, Zumbi (Zion I), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), General Steele (Boot Camp Clik) & Talib Kweli.
“What struck me most about Nneka’s music is that her story is so present in every song,” says J.Period, “The spirit and struggle of her roots in Africa, a sense of responsibility inherited from Fela, conflict and perspective gained living abroad in Germany. Her music is a contagious combination of genres and styles that just pulled me in right away. Artists who refuse to be confined to one genre are often considered crazy. Artists who follow their conscience are considered crazy. This is that brand of crazy: The Madness (Onye-Ala).”
A seasoned performer, songwriter and winner of the 2009 MOBO Award, Nneka presents The Madness (Onye-Ala) as an introduction to her first US album, Concrete Jungle in stores February 2, 2010 on Yo Mama/Decon/Epic. The album is collection of tracks detailing her personal experience growing up in Nigeria, the corruption and beauty found there and the universal themes of love, growth, and seeking the ultimate truths. The Madness (Onye-Ala) is a peek into the life and sounds of Nneka, as well as a tribute to the influence Hip Hop has had on her music.
Fresh off a featured role in the blockbuster video game, DJ Hero, J.Period presents The Madness (Onye-Ala) as the next chapter in a long line of game-changing mixtapes presented in his unique, storybook style. The acclaimed DJ, Producer & Mixtape King has redefined the mixtape genre with collaborations with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and others. J.Perid’s most recent work, “The Messengers” (a collection of Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan remixes featuring K’NAAN), has yielded over 150,000 downloads since its release in September 2009.

01. Can You Hear? (Intro)
02. Let the Madness Begin (J.Period Exclusive)
03. Wake Up World (Interlude)
04. Wake Up Africa (J.Period Remix)
05. The Uncomfortable Truth
06. Untainted Love feat. Damian Marley (Interlude)
07. Spread Love (Brooklyn to Zion) (J.Period Remix)
08. Human Rights (Interlude)
09. Changes (J.Period Remix) feat. M-1 & General Steele
10. Conscious Lyrics (Interlude)
11. Gypsy/Infamous (J.Period Exclusive)
12. Hip Hop Comes From Africa (Interlude)
13. Walking (J.Period Remix) feat. Jay Electronica
14. In Transit (Interlude)
15. Show Love (J.Period Remix) f. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) & Aceyalone
16. For the Good of Humanity (Interlude)
17. God of Mercy (J.Period Remix) f. Zumbi (Zion I)
18. Suffri (Nigerian in Berlin Remix) feat. Fela Kuti
19. Perseverance is Character (Interlude)
20. Strength/Kangpe (J.Period Dubplate) f. Big Boi (Outkast)
21. Heartbeat (J.Period Remix) feat. Talib Kweli
22. In the Heart of Man (J.Period Exclusive)
23. Symptoms of My Madness (Outtro)

[ Bonus Mix: J.Period Dubplates ]
24. Mind vs. Heart (J.Period Dubplate) f. 2Pac
25. Changes 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Lauryn Hill & John Forte
26. Walking 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Nas

Joell Ortiz - Road Kill Mixtape

As you all should know by now, I'm a huge Joell Ortiz fan and it looks like my man will be very busy in the next few weeks. According to his twitter page, this mixtape will be his first of 3 before he drops his album, Free Agent!


Zune HD Twitter App Preview

Friday, December 11, 2009

Elzhi - The Leftovers Unmixedtape

The Leftovers UnMixedtape is exactly what it sounds like: A compilation of one of the game's most talented Emcee's unreleased and featured works. Whether it's a promo joint from a few months back (eLZhi and Black Milk - Deep), a feature from another artist's project (Danny Brown - Contra feat. eLZhi), or just a rare gem from years past (eLZhi and DJ Dez - Living), these Leftovers would have passed for a fresh cooked meal if you didn't know better. It's raw, uncut, unmastered, fresh from the studio and ready for your ears. No DJs, just eLZhi and his comrades, your speakers and you. Without the Leftovers UnMixedtape, most of these songs would never have seen the light of day, so consider this a gift, and come get your grub on!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eminem - Relapse: Refill (Tracklisting)

Bonus Tracklisting:
1. Forever
2. Hell Breaks Loose
3. Buffalo Bill
4. Elevator
5. Taking My Ball
6. Music Box
7. Drop The Bomb On ‘Em

Relapse: Refill will hit stores on December 21

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Friday, December 4, 2009

NBA LIVE 10 Throwback Jerseys

For you NBA Live 10 fans enter this code in the My NBA LIVE section of the main menu: hdogdrawhoticns for new jerseys available for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers, the Toronto Raptors and the Utah Jazz.

Lebron in his Mark Price era Cavs jersey.

More uni pics.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Digiwaxx TV Goes One-On-One With Torae

I strongly suggest you cop his album, Daily Conversation. I think it's one of the most slept on albums of the last couple years.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Iron Man 2 Movie Poster Revealed

It looks like we will be getting to see the War Machine armor in action!

Click here for more pics from the upcoming movie.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tina Fey & Steve Carell . . . The Last Action Heroes?

Claire and Phil Foster (Tina Fey and Steve Carell) are a typical suburban couple whose lives including their weekly date nights of dinner and a movie have become routine. To reignite the marital spark, they visit a trendy Manhattan bistro where a case of mistaken identity turns their evening into the ultimate date night-gone-awry. But as Claire and Phil take their unexpected walk on the wild side, they begin to remember what made them so special together.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Interesting Look At Oprah & Tyler Perry's Precious

A film as lost as the girl it glorifies

By Courtland Milloy

Now that I have seen the movie "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire," I'm all the more bewildered by its enthusiastic reception, especially in the white media. The fictional story revolves around a black teenager, Claireece "Precious" Jones, who is raped by her father, gets pregnant by him -- twice -- and endures the depravity of her psychopathic mother.

The Huffington Post raved: "This is a film that doesn't shy away from the depths to which human beings can sink. . . ." You'd think the movie was a documentary.

The independent film, directed by Lee Daniels and adapted from a 1996 novel by the poet Sapphire, raked in an impressive $6 million during its weekend debut. Little wonder, though, given all the media buzz.

The New York Times Magazine featured the movie as a cover story last month and declared: "Precious is a stand-in for anyone -- black, white, male, female -- who has ever been devalued or underestimated."

Let's see: I lose my job, so I take in a movie about a serially abused black girl and I go, "Oh, swell, she's standing in for me."

Maybe there is something to the notion that when human pathology is given a black face, white people don't have to feel so bad about their own. At least somebody's happy.

Sexual abuse is certainly an equal-opportunity crime, with black and white women similarly affected. But only exaggerated black depravity seems to resonate so forcefully in the imagination.

White suburban boys are so fascinated by it that they fueled an explosion of gangsta rap -- misogynistic lyrics against a backdrop of booty-shaking black women.

Of course, "Precious" would not have received nearly as much media buzz if Oprah Winfrey and Tyler "Madea" Perry had not signed on as executive producers. Oddly, neither has made a movie about rising above a challenging background and becoming a wealthy and influential entertainer.

Asked by Entertainment Weekly magazine why she got involved with the project, Oprah said: "I realized that, Jesus, I have seen that girl a million times. I see that girl every morning on the way to work, I see her standing on the corner, I see her waiting for the bus as I'm passing in my limo, I see her coming out of the drugstore, and she's been invisible to me."

Instead of making a movie about how she beat the odds, Oprah has taken to divining ugly life stories from black girls she passes in her limo. Maybe the Obama girls should stay off the sidewalk for a while.

In "Precious," Oprah and Perry have helped serve up a film of prurient interest that has about as much redeeming social value as a porn flick. In it, we glimpse a sweaty, faceless brute of a black man raping the girl while her mother watches from a doorway. Two children are conceived in incest.

"The Jones family home is an amber-lit hell, and we're not initially sure whether Precious is a prisoner or a participant in it," says Time magazine. "The movie allows moments of judging Precious . . . then begins to roll out a series of nightmares that last the whole day long: rape, incest and a mother so lacking in human decency that she not only aided in a father's lust for a child but also considered the child as a witting rival."

Rolling Stone gave "Precious" 3.5 stars out of four. Three X's would be more like it.

I watched the movie at a theater in Alexandria where showtimes are nearly around the clock, from 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. The audience was mostly black women and teenagers. When the lights came up, all of the moviegoers appeared sullen and depressed.

After escaping the abuse of her home life, Precious ends up in a halfway house. She is still functionally illiterate and has two babies to care for, one with Down syndrome.

Strangest of all, many reviewers felt the movie ended on a high note. Time, for instance, wrote that Precious "makes an utterly believable and electrifying rise from an urban abyss of ignorance and neglect."

Excuse me, the movie ends with the girl walking the streets, babies in her arms, having just learned that her father has died of AIDS -- but not before infecting her.

The story is set in 1987, before AIDS treatment became widely available. Precious is as good as dead.

At the Cannes Film Festival, members of a mostly white audience gave "Precious" a 15-minute standing ovation.

I guess they can hardly wait for the sequel.

Monday, November 23, 2009 mp3 Sale!!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Chrome OS Open Source Project Announcement

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Makes Life Easier For Audiophiles

Have you done a google search for a song or artist, lately? If you have you may have noticed a slight change in your search results. Here's the story behind that.

. . . search and more easily discover millions of songs, all via a simple Google web search. If you're searching for music, "time to result" is really "time to music." Now, when you enter a music-related query — like the name of a song, artist or album — your search results will include links to an audio preview of those songs provided by our music search partners Myspace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala. When you click the result you'll be able to listen to an audio preview of the song directly from one of those partners.

If a song is popular enough, you can even possibly find it by just doing a search of it chorus or hook.

Many times, though, you don't know the name of the song or the artist who sings it. Maybe you remember only the chorus — or maybe you remember who sang it, but you forgot the exact name of the song. If you've ever heard a catchy song in a car or cafe, but just can't figure out the name of the song, you'll know what I'm talking about. This search feature also helps you find many of those songs by entering a search containing a line or two of lyrics.

For more info on this new feature, take a look at Google's Blog.

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DJ Green Lantern & Emilio Rojas - The Natural Mixtape

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's the first thought that enters your mind after viewing this?

I have an opinion, but I want to know what you think without input from me. They are definitely piggybacking off of Chris Rock's documentary.

Black Thought - The Professional

Apparently this was from a mixtape of his that never was from 2004. The track is just more evidence of why Mr. Trotter's top 5, dead or alive.

Friday, November 13, 2009

J Davey - Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live]

J*Davey @ the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

Special thanks to Evette on the dope video.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doug Fischer Preps Us For Pacquiao/Cotto

In my mind Doug Fischer is the best boxing writer out there. I've followed him from to The Ring. If you are any kind of boxing fan he is a must read. He maybe young, but he knows the history of boxing and gives great analysis. Max Kellerman should take notes.

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P.S. If you are a boxing fan or have any interest in the sport, I highly recommend that you at the very least check out his weekly mailbags. You will learn a lot even if you aren't up on the history of the sport or what's going on currently.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

EA Sports Throws It's Hat In The MMA Ring

EA SPORTS MMA will feature the most authentic, intense and broad mixed martial arts experience to date - complete with a vast array of top fighters and fighting styles from around the world. EA SPORTS MMA will be available on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system in 2010.

"We are very excited to be working with STRIKEFORCE and feature them as a premier league in our game," said Executive Producer Dale Jackson. "They have a wealth of mixed martial arts expertise, put on great shows and have a great stable of top-notch fighters. Together we look forward to growing the sport and delivering an immersive interactive gaming experience."

You can keep up with the game developments at

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Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling Mixtape

Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Geekery: Metal Gear Solid Movie

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy is a fanmovie inspired by Hideo Kojima's videogame series "Metal Gear Solid".

If you'd like to learn more about the film or even download it, go to

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

God Of War Collection Trailer

Available this November – just in time for the holidays — fans and newcomers to the franchise will be able to experience the epic journey that is God of War and God of War II on the PlayStation 3 for the first time remastered in full HD resolution on a single Blu-ray Disc. Both critically acclaimed games (originally developed for the PS2) will include 2X anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second for an ultra smooth gameplay experience on the PS3.
The God Of War Collection will also include a PSN voucher code for the God of War III E3 2009 Demo. So don’t miss your chance to check out God of War III before it hits store shelves in March 2010.

Info courtesy of the Playstation Blog.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Emilio Rojas - Bold & Arrogant

It's been a minute since I heard some good ole filthy boom bap. This definitely qualifies!