Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Precious (aka Push)

In this inner-city horror story, newcomer Gabourey Sidibe plays Clarice, a pathetic ghetto girl enduring more personal plagues than Job. Called "Precious," she's illiterate, overweight and emotionally abused by her deadbeat mother (Mo'Nique). Slow in school, Precious wallows in junior high at 16 and is shuffled through the system to a "special" program.

Shoving her boxcar frame into the bleak makeshift classroom, Precious confronts the first ray of help in her life, a charismatic teacher called Blu Rain (Paula Patton). With Blu Rain's feisty prodding, Precious slogs toward her GED.

Precious sustains herself through intermittent fantasies. She envisions herself as the worshipful object of mass media's most vapid idealizations: a red-carpet superstar and, most shockingly, a blonde-haired/blue-eyed white beauty queen. That weird warp is darkly ironic; from the outside it seems the ultimate degradation to Precious. Yet, those oddly inspired flights are the sole windows of self-esteem and sustenance for this degraded girl.
- The Hollywood Reporter


Assertive Wit said...

but where is your thoughts on that post?

Assertive Wit said...

"is" should be "are"...my bad LOL

8thlight said...

I typically hold my thoughts as to not impact the opinions of others. Once I have a few comments I typically give my thoughts. lol

Well, it looks powerful and a tad disturbing. I definitely want to see it. I was shocked at how Mariah Carey looked. Looks like she's trying to take this acting thing seriously. It doesn't open until November, but I'm looking forward to it.

Kinda pissed that Tyler Perry is associated with it. lol

Assertive Wit said...

I think Tyler Perry gets a bad wrap because of his so-called "coon movies" but if you can see the reasoning behind why he made those versus coming out with the "intelligent" stuff first, you can see he's a brilliant writer and filmmaker...that's me speaking from the aspect of what goes on behind the scene's...not so much from a simple viewer's standpoint :) (not "simple" in a bad way either)

I'm going to read the book first before I see the movie so I can see if any justice was done to it...the subject matter is disturbing though but then again so was The Color Purple :)

8thlight said...

I guess I'm going to need some schooling. What do you believe are the reasons he makes the "coon" movies & television shows?

Assertive Wit said...

He makes them because they OBVIOUSLY make money. It isn't hard to figure out really. Most "mindless" entertainment does make a LOT more money than some thought provoking films. (See: all the SCARY MOVIE's)

I have a script that I was told if I shopped it around, they would drastically alter it; not because it isn't good...simply because the general public doesn't want to think too much when watching something called "entertainment". I'm saving it for after I make my "money" films because it's a GREAT script...just not something I can risk as my first film (unless I go independent and don't care about making a ton of money).

In case you haven't noticed, the film industry is JUST AS shady as the music industry LOL

8thlight said...

Ok, I thought you were going somewhere else with your reasoning. I understand what you mean, but a Spike Lee never had to do this type of foolishness. Also, after Tyler has made enough money to by his own jet, I would assume that he can now kill off all of those awful caricatures and bury them. He has more than enough money to straighten up and fly right, but he chooses not to.