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Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy) - R.I.P. (Music Video)

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How to: Use Amazon Cloud Player for Android

Guest Blog - @BedstuyBetty Reviews Childish Gambino's "EP"

Review by Bedstuy Betty

Just in time for Spring, Donald Glover has released a new mixtape simply titled EP.  Five tracks filled not only with superior lyrics, but also diverse production as well as something even more intangible, desire.  Thus far, Mr. Glover has been somewhat of a golden boy with notable successes in both acting and writing; however it appears that this year will definitely be his to shine musically.  Where his prior efforts left the aftertaste of this pursuit being merely a pastime, EP leaves all doubts cleared by this point.

Beginning with the track “Be Alone”, Glover croons in his sweet falsetto over indie rock tones, violins, and soft drum kicks.  Though fairly somber and low-key, the lyrics shine through and give the fans a personal look at the effects of Glover’s growing fame while still maintaining a level of accessibility.  “Be Alone” is truly candid and can leave the listener a bit raw but still hopeful that Glover won’t find himself alone forever.

Pharoahe Monch - Clap (One Day) (Music Video)

Clap is featured on Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. (We Are Renegades).

@Elzhi Addresses Slum Village Break Up On Verbal Intercourse Part 2 (Audio)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

80 Blocks From Tiffany's - The Tiffany Blue Mixtape Part 1

DJ M-Rock (@MRockGotBeats) - The Best Of Kanye West Mixtape

Pac Div (@itsPacDiv) - Anti-Freeze (Music Video)

Anti-Freeze is featured on Mania! Mixtape.

Play Your Music Anywhere With Amazon's New Music Service

How to Get Started with Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Step 1. Add music to Cloud Drive

Purchase a song or album from the Amazon MP3 Store and click the Save to Amazon Cloud Drive button when your purchase is complete. Your purchase will be saved for free.

Step 2. Play your music in Cloud Player for Web

Click the Launch Amazon Cloud Player button to start listening to your purchase. Add more music from your library by clicking the Upload to Cloud Drive button from the Cloud Player screen. Start with 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage. Upgrade to 20 GB with an MP3 album purchase (see details). Use Cloud Player to browse and search your library, create playlists, and download to your computer.

Step 3. Enjoy your music on the go with Cloud Player for Android

Install the Amazon MP3 for Android app to use Cloud Player on your Android device. Shop the full Amazon MP3 store, save your purchases to Cloud Drive, stream your Cloud Player library, and download to your device right from your Android phone or tablet.

For more information see Amazon Cloud Drive & Player.

@Soundset Festival May 29th (Featuring De La Soul, Big Boi & Many More)

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For more info see

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Big K.R.I.T. - Return Of 4Eva Mixtape

01 R4 Intro
02 Rise and Shine
03 R4 Theme Song
04 Dreamin'
05 Rotation
06 My Sub
07 Sookie Now (Featuring David Banner)
08 American Rapstar
09 Highs & Lows
10 Shake It (Featuring Joi)
11 Made Alot (Featuring Big Sant)
12 Lions and Lambs
13 King's Blues
14 Time Machine (Featuring Chamillionaire)
15 Get Right
16 Amtrak
17 Players Ballad (Featuring Raheem Devaughn)
18 Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism
19 Free My Soul
20 The Vent
21 Country Sh!t [Remix] (Featuring Ludacris & Bun B)
** American Rapstar (Clean Version)
** Dreamin' (Clean Version)

The Kid Daytona - Take Aim (Music Video)

Take Aim is featured on The Interlude.

5 Good Minutes With Judah

Judah is one of my favorite newer beat makers.  He's out of DMV and I first discovered him when I heard Wale's 100 Miles & Running Mixtape, well after it was originally released.  The tape itself is one of the best mixtapes I have ever heard.  The beat selection overall was phenomenal, but when I looked up my favorite track "Please Listen" is when I realized I need to follow this cat.

I did what I normally do when I discover a new beat maker that seems to make my kind of music, I Google them.  When I did that it led me to another DMV emcee, RaTheMC and her A Mixtape About Something . . . I Think! and several other releases of hers featuring Judah's beats.  I think the beat that cemented his place in my music library was his work on Wale's Critical Acclaim, which first appeared as a snippet on a mixtape and was later inexplicably cut from his Attention Deficit album.

I said all of that to say that last year Judah put out his instrumental ode to everyone's favorite hip-hop groupie, with his free release, The Amber Rose Instrumentals.  Recently I was able to catch up with him to ask him a few questions about the release.

Where did the idea of the project come from?
The idea came from me and how sexy she was at the time. She was new on the scene, hot and fashionable and mysterious.

Why Amber Rose over Kim Kardashian, Meagan Goode or Serena Williams or any other party girl/celeb/psuedo celeb/model?
I choose her because she wasn't famous she was just known as the bi chick with the short hair dating kanye. Lol

Was that really Amber Rose's voice on the project?
Nah that wasn't her that was my homegirl from Houston Texas. She can impersonate anybody.

How long did it take you to make?
It took me a day to do everything. My MPC was so hot after that day.

Have you tried sending the real Amber Rose your album?
Yeah I got at her peoples and we choped it up and nothing materialized but she's aware of it.

What did you think of My Dark Twisted Fantasy & the song about Amber?
I think the album is solid and the song is hilarious. She has lost her "umph" because she just rolling with any and every rapper now but she still could get it. Pwhahahahahahahahahahah

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Guest Blog - @BedstuyBetty Retro Review: @itsPacDiv's Don't Mention It

Review by Bedstuy Betty

So almost a year ago, West Coast trio Pac Div dropped Don’t Mention It, a 13 track mixtape filled with goodies that seriously knock. Me, being the crochety old lady that I am usually keep my ears closed to new hip hop, so I wasn’t put on to this until I heard a buzz for the group’s most recent effort: a new mixtape called Mania!. With that disclaimer out of the way, this EP might as well have been an album with its diverse production, guest appearances from the likes of Colin Munroe, and a solid theme of smoking superb greenery, sleeping with girls that enjoy said greenery, and then still pursuing your dreams of rap stardom after you kick them out. They do however, dream of love in the future and speak on it in the title track.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Godzilla Comic Book (@IDWPublishing) Launch Event @ToonSeum!

If you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area you might want to check this out. You might even get to meet me.

Join us for the launch of a special issue of Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters!

The upcoming issue of Godzilla features 80 variant covers. Our friends at New Dimension Comics helped arrange a special meeting between Godzilla and the ToonSeum! Over 75 publishers, several conventions and one museum of cartoon art took part in the promotion.

Price of event ticket includes your copy of the comic. The first comic to feature the ToonSeum on the cover!

April 1st (we know, April Fools Day! but we promise we will be there!) from 7pm-9pm.

All guest are 12 dollars at the door.

You do not have to attend the event to recieve the comic, just purchase a ticket and you may pick up the comic anytime after April 1st. To buy multiple copies of the comic purchase extra tickets. 1 comic per ticket.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Me & Jay Smooth (@jsmooth995) On Chris Brown

This the epitome of why I love Jay Smooth. He often seems to say exactly what I'm feeling in a much more eloquent way. In this three minute video he expressed the EXACT feelings that I had during a Twitter discussion the morning of the incident in question with a couple of friends. I believed that Chris really hadn't paid much of a price while others didn't think the questions were fair to ask after two years. The fact that he knew the questions were coming make his conduct all the more bizarre. Enough of me, let's hear what Jay had to say:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adult Swim Renews The Venture Bros.!!!

This is epic news!  With The Boondocks gone The Venture Bros. were the best show remaining on Adult Swim.  This is definitely great news.  This move along with Mongo Wrestling Alliance and the upcoming Black Dynamite series, will give me at least original shows to check for on a semi-frequent basis.

Straight from co-creator, Jackson Publick:
We've recently signed a new contract with adultswim to produce two more seasons of The Venture Bros.

Doc and I officially started writing last week. Though, in truth, we technically started writing season 5 last year when we accidentally brainstormed a handful of (we think) pretty hot new stories while we were writing the season 4 finale. Our goal is to have enough scripts to comfortably begin pre-production by June.
Our contract also includes a long-form (60-90 min.) Venture Bros. special. Don't ask me when we'll make it, what it's going to be about, or whether it'll be on TV or direct-to-DVD, because we don't have a clue yet. Nevertheless: good news!

9th Wonder Presents: TP - @TPIsMyHero Mixtape

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jay Smooth (@jsmooth995) On Nate Dogg

Pusha T - Fear Of God Mixtape

How Best To Support Your Favorite Artist

I download tons of free music, most of which is given away by the artists in an effort to promote, but when it comes to artists that I love I go out of my way to support them.  Sometimes I do that through attending a show, but most often its by buying their music. A lot of times that's through Amazon's MP3 store, although every now and again you can get the physical CDs for less than the download for some older albums.  I also like to support my local music shop and you should too. There's nothing wrong with helping a local business keep the lights on if he or she is running a cool establishment.  The following is an excerpt from an NPR article and their show All Things Considered on the best way to get the highest percentage of your consumer dollar to the artist you support.

Batman Will Face Holiday Killer in Dark Knight Rises

By Lewis Wallace (for

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Alberto Falcone, aka the Holiday Killer, in The Dark Knight Rises, according to a report in Variety that quotes “insiders.”

Neither Warner Bros. nor Gordon-Levitt’s people would confirm the casting rumor.

If true, the introduction of the Alberto Falcone character, the son of a mob boss who appeared in Batman Begins, would jibe with director Christopher Nolan’s aim of filling his final Batman movie with realistic villains.

The serial killer known as Holiday appears in DC Comics’ hard-boiled crime series Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for a July 20, 2012, release. Christian Bale and Michael Caine will reprise their roles from Nolan’s previous Batman films, with Tom Hardy playing supervillain Bane and Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Info courtesy of

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's In KRS-One's Bag?

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother

Nas - God's Son

Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Mos Def - The New Danger

M.O.P. - Warriorz

A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

J Dilla - Donuts

House of Pain - House of Pain

EPMD - Strictly Business: U.S.D.A. Edition

Gang Starr - Step in the Arena

Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers (Cover Art & Track Listing)

Kind of disappointed to not see more Pittsburgh talent, not named Mac Miller. At this point Mac would've been a pretty obvious guest appearance. I guess Chevy Woods fka Kev Tha Hustla will have to do.

01. When I’m Gone
02. On My Level (Featuring Too $hort)
03. Black And Yellow
04. Roll Up
05. Hopes & Dreams
06. Wake Up
07. The Race
08. Star Of The Show (Featuring Chevy Woods)
09. No Sleep
10. Get Your S***
11. Top Floor
12. Fly Solo
13. Rooftops (Featuring Curren$y)
14. Cameras

Camp Lo + Pete Rock = 80 Blocks From Tiffany's (Audio)

Apparently Camp Lo & Pete Rock are doing a whole project together.  I'm always excited when I hear of news of more Camp Lo, but this . . . this right here?  Let's just say that it makes me feel special down below!

80 Blocks From Tiffany's - Mic Check

80 Blocks From Tiffany's - Jimmy Page (Straighten It Out)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jean Grae - R.I.P. & You Don't Like It From #CookieOrComas (Audio)

M.O.P. On Meeting DJ Premier For First Time & More

The Legacy Of The CD: Innovation That Ate Itself

by Joel Rose for NPR's The Record

2010 was another lousy year for the music industry – and in particular, the CD. Sales of compact discs dropped last year by nearly 20% percent, according to Billboard. For a while, those shiny plastic discs lifted the fortunes of the recording industry to new heights. But the CD also contained the seeds of the industry's collapse — a collapse that's rattling more than Manhattan boardroom windows.

A Sony factory in Pittman, New Jersey, will see its last CD roll out off the assembly line at the end of this month. At its height, the plant employed 1300 people.

"The overtime, you had it whenever you wanted it," says Jim Jones, who's been driving a forklift at the factory since 1982, when the plant still made LPs. "10 hour days if you wanted it. Saturdays, Sundays — you could get it. That's how busy we were. A lot of times it was mandatory. You had to work, that was it."

Jones met his wife, Cindy, at the plant in the 1990s, when they worked in the warehouse together, rushing out the latest hits. "It's been so long since there was a big hit," she says. "It's just," she pauses, "slow."

Sony will still make CDs at its factory in Indiana. But the closure of the New Jersey plant is telling. Sales of compact discs have fallen 50 percent over the past decade. It's a long way from the early 1980s, when breathless ads and over-the-top hyperbole touted "sound like you've never heard it before."

The CD was invented by hardware manufacturers Sony and Philips. At first, executives at the major record labels didn't like the new format. But they started to come around — thanks in large part to Jac Holzman, the founder of Elektra Records who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week. Holzman was a big advocate for the CD when he was at Warner Music Group.

"The CD was sexy. And it would bring higher prices — from about 8 dollars for cassettes or LPs at the end of the '70s, to about $15 in the early '80s," Holzman says. "You could resell your best catalogue again. CDs were lighter and cheaper to ship, which is a big consideration."

All of that meant giant profits for the music industry in the 1980s and '90s. "The CD sold so well. And it created this gigantic boom in the industry," says Steve Knopper, the author of Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age. "And everybody got rich. And people just got incredibly accustomed to this. To the point where in the late '90s, the only way that you could get the one song that you liked was to buy the 15 to 18 dollar CD at the Tower Records."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pac Div - Mania! Mixtape

Random Geekery: Details On MF DOOM's Operation Doomsday Lunch Box

Earlier in the year I offered you the opportunity to purchase the naming rights of my first born child, once I have one, by simply buying me MF DOOM's Operation: Doomsday Lunchbox.  Well, we finally have more information on everything that will be included with the lunchbox thanks to fine men and women at Stones Throw.

Exclusive Stones Throw ship date: March 28. Official release date is April 25. Update: We are currently sold out of our stock and hope to have more available around the time of the release date.

As we announced back in January, DOOM's own label Metalface Records is releasing the first complete & remastered version of OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, containing the original album, alternate versions, b-sides and instrumentals - 42 tracks total - with all new artwork and two deluxe, metal formats:

2/CD LUNCHBOX and 4/LP BOX each contain a 32-page lyric book and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs. The 4/LP BOX will be released later in Spring 2011.

1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit) 2:04
2. Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 4:58
3. Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber Slice 4:19
4. The Finest feat. Tommy Gunn 4:01
5. Back In The Days (Skit) 0:45
6. Go With The Flow 3:37
7. Tick, Tick... feat. MF Grimm 4:05
8. Red And Gold feat. King Ghidra 4:43
9. The Hands Of Doom (Skit) 1:50
10. Who You Think I Am? feat. K.D., King Ghidra, Kong, Megalon, Rodan, X-Ray 3:24
11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit) 1:13
12. Hey! 3:47
13. Operation: Greenbacks feat. Megalon 3:46
14. The Mic feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 3:02
15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit) 0:22
16. Dead Bent 2:22
17. Gas Drawls 3:43
18. ? feat. Kurious 3:09
19. Hero v.s. Villain (Epilogue) feat. E. Mason 2:56

Disc Two - Instrumentals, Alt. Versions, B-Sides:
1. Dead Bent (Original 12" Version) 3:15
2. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Version) 3:59
3. Hey! (Original 12" Version) 4:08
4. Greenbacks (Original 12" Version) 3:57
5. Go With The Flow feat. Sci.Fly (Original 12" Version) 3:41
6. Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes) 3:42
7. I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:50
8. I Hear Voices Pt. 2 feat. MF Grimm (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:06
9. Tick, Tick (Original 12" Main Mix Version) 4:24
10. ? (Extended Raw Rhymes Version) 3.45
11. Dead Bent (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:16
12. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:51
13. Hey! (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:54
14. Greenbacks (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:56
15. The Mic (Original 12" Instrumental) 3:03
16. Red and Gold (Original 12" Instrumental) 5:07
17. I Hear Voices (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:06
18. Doomsday (Instrumental) 4:58
19. Rhymes Like Dimes (Instrumental) 2:10
20. The Finest (Instrumental) 4:55
21. The Hands of Doom (Instrumental) 2:02
22. Who You Think I Am (Instrumental) 2:08
23. ? (Instrumental) 2:35

Info courtesy of

Emily King Performs Work To Do

Childish Gambino - EP (FreeP)

New Improvements To Google Maps & Navigation In Android

From Official Google Mobile Blog:
. . .Google Maps Navigation (Beta) will now automatically route you around traffic. With more than 35 million miles driven by Navigation users every day, this should add up to quite a bit of time saved!

On a recent trip to New York, I was running late to meet some friends at the Queens Museum of Art. I had no idea that there was a traffic jam along the route I would normally have taken. Thankfully, Navigation routed me around traffic. I didn’t even have to know that there was a traffic jam on I-495, and I got to enjoy a much faster trip on I-278 instead.

Navigation now uses real-time traffic conditions to automatically route you around traffic.
You don’t have to do anything to be routed around traffic; just start Navigation like you normally would, either from the Navigation app or from within Google Maps. Before today, Navigation would choose whichever route was fastest, without taking current traffic conditions into account. It would also generate additional alternate directions, such as the shortest route or one that uses highways instead of side roads. Starting today, our routing algorithms will also apply our knowledge of current and historical traffic to select the fastest route from those alternates. That means that Navigation will automatically guide you along the best route given the current traffic conditions.

Not only can you save time and fuel, you’re making traffic better for everyone else by avoiding traffic jams. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that Navigation will be able to find a faster way, but it will always try to get you where you’re going as fast as possible.

You can begin routing around traffic with Google Maps Navigation for Android in North America and Europe where both Navigation and real-time traffic data are available.

Joell Ortiz: My Favourite Verse - "125 Pt. 4 (Finale)"

SoulCulture.TV caught up with the Brooklyn, NY native and 1/4 of the lyrical powerhouse group that is Slaughterhouse - Joell Ortiz earlier today (7th March 2011) for The latest segment of SoulCulture TV's My Favourite Verse series, Joell Ortiz reveals his favourite verse/song as "125 Pt. 4 (Finale)" the final track on his 2007 independently released album The Brick: Bodega Chronicles.
"...It's therapeutic to me, it means a lot to me, I put a lot of me on that track for the people to know but also for me to remind myself of who I am, where I've come from, what I've been through and how much things could be worse."

Monday, March 7, 2011

RaTheMC - Dreams (Music Video)

Dreams appears on RaTheMC's Heart Of A Champion.

Guest Blog - @BedstuyBetty Reviews J*Davey's Evil Christian Cop

Review by Bedstuy Betty

Underground indie vets J*Davey have once again laid down upon us what can only be described as aural manna.  While we still await the advent of New Designer Drug, the upcoming album by the innovative twosome; they have provided us with Evil Christian Cop, the second EP in the series The Great Mistapes. For the uninitiated masses still strolling through life with blinders on, J*Davey is an LA-based duo comprised of Briana Cartwright (she performs as Jack Davey) and producer Brooke D’Leau.  Through an eclectic mix of electronica, funk, soul, R&B, rock, and new wave, they continue to blow our minds and in an almost deity-like fashion, they do it for free.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nina B. – Sky So Grey (Featuring Torae) (Audio)

My grandmother passed away recently… her name was Beatrice she was my last grand parent. My fathers mother ide never known but R.I.P to the woman who birthed the woman who birthed me.I had to pay homage. Not to have a cliche ” my homies dead and gone ” song , but for purposes I don’t know how to define.I feel like I owe her the world, people die everyday. I know cuz I’ve known some of em. Eventually we all learn that you will NEVER truly know what you have till its gone.Torae came through and poured his HEART out on this track, like literally. I can’t speak for him so I let him speak. This song might bleed through the speakers.This is not a sad song this is an ode for those people like us who on many levels seek closure… this is POETIC JUSTICE .

- Nina B

When Nina hit me to do the record she said she didn’t wanna do a typical song, she said she wanted something more than just us spitting crazy. So when I got the beat it had the chorus on it too I already knew where to go. The actual rap is about my cousin Chucky. The story you hear is the story I got about how my younger cousin was killed outside a club in Brooklyn. It took me years to speak this incident & every time I hear that verse it puts me right back at the moment when I got that phone call. R.I.P. Chucky I miss you…

- Torae

Spotted at DocumenTORAE.