Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guest Blog - @BedstuyBetty Retro Review: @itsPacDiv's Don't Mention It

Review by Bedstuy Betty

So almost a year ago, West Coast trio Pac Div dropped Don’t Mention It, a 13 track mixtape filled with goodies that seriously knock. Me, being the crochety old lady that I am usually keep my ears closed to new hip hop, so I wasn’t put on to this until I heard a buzz for the group’s most recent effort: a new mixtape called Mania!. With that disclaimer out of the way, this EP might as well have been an album with its diverse production, guest appearances from the likes of Colin Munroe, and a solid theme of smoking superb greenery, sleeping with girls that enjoy said greenery, and then still pursuing your dreams of rap stardom after you kick them out. They do however, dream of love in the future and speak on it in the title track.

Don’t Mention It starts off with “Underdogs II” a track that starts off quite beautifully with a sample from Coldplay’s “Clocks” played in reverse and then segues to Colin’s angelic pipes pleading with us to persevere in spite of it all and a catchy mantra from Pac Div. Another gem on this mixtape includes “Broccoli”, a track reminiscent of something that The Cool Kids would put out with its combo of braggadocio, bass, synth, and a consistent guitar riff. I was nicely surprised by the track “Overcome” where the group takes a reflective look at the social issues affecting our country with a 1970’s gospel feel. Two of my all time favorites on here though are “Here We Go” and “On Off Switch”, the former mainly because it’s an almost painfully honest and cathartic ode to the constant hustle one must go through for their aspirations and I truly enjoyed the latter due to the fact that they approached the tenuous topic of relationships with a raw perspective sprinkled in with a good bit of humor.

I will admit that it was rather difficult to attach Pac Div’s voices to their individual members but as I understand, that’s been a general complaint since the group’s inception when there were many more in their crew. Styles are definitely developing however and I definitely like what I hear. Overall, a very solid effort and Pac Div has made a convert out of me. I’ll be keeping an eye on all their projects in the future and maybe you’ll see another review about this year’s mixtape Mania! on here very soon.

*Concert photo courtesy of Gintel Gee.

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