Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nina B. – Sky So Grey (Featuring Torae) (Audio)

My grandmother passed away recently… her name was Beatrice she was my last grand parent. My fathers mother ide never known but R.I.P to the woman who birthed the woman who birthed me.I had to pay homage. Not to have a cliche ” my homies dead and gone ” song , but for purposes I don’t know how to define.I feel like I owe her the world, people die everyday. I know cuz I’ve known some of em. Eventually we all learn that you will NEVER truly know what you have till its gone.Torae came through and poured his HEART out on this track, like literally. I can’t speak for him so I let him speak. This song might bleed through the speakers.This is not a sad song this is an ode for those people like us who on many levels seek closure… this is POETIC JUSTICE .

- Nina B

When Nina hit me to do the record she said she didn’t wanna do a typical song, she said she wanted something more than just us spitting crazy. So when I got the beat it had the chorus on it too I already knew where to go. The actual rap is about my cousin Chucky. The story you hear is the story I got about how my younger cousin was killed outside a club in Brooklyn. It took me years to speak this incident & every time I hear that verse it puts me right back at the moment when I got that phone call. R.I.P. Chucky I miss you…

- Torae

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