Sunday, August 10, 2014

@AthenaDDixon's #8Essentials

The proprietor of Linden Avenue Literary Journal and host of the Books, Beats, and Blogs podcast tells us what helps keep her creative juices flowing.

1. Red Converse All-Star Lows
I wear these with everything from jeans to dresses. They're so comfortable it feels like I’m barefoot and the red gives a pop to just about anything I wear.

2. Beats earbuds and 80GB iPod Classic
I'm plugged into music most of the day so being able to enjoy all of it is important to me. I shuffle thousands of songs depending on my mood while at work and at home.

3. The Max Fischer Sandwich from Mr. Zub’s in Akron, Ohio
This sandwich is perfect. It combines a fresh bagel, flavored cream cheese, great deli meats, and veggies in a huge portion. I always pair it with fresh hummus and pita.

4. Vintage leather Coach bags
I’m not a big fan of logos, so my go to is a classic leather bag. I have them in black, brown, and tan. Everything from my phone to books gets stuffed into them.

5. Moonlight Path body spray from Bath and Body Works or Armani Code perfume
Lavender is my signature scents. This spray is my finishing touches before I walk out of my house each morning. It isn’t overpowering and doesn’t fade too quickly.

6. The Village Discount Outlet
Anyone who knows me knows I love a good thrift store. This one is the best thrifting rolled into one. I not only get pretty dope clothes here, I’ve also added to my Fiestaware collection and purchased a cello.

7. My red HTC One
I've been a diehard iPhone user for years, but when it came time to upgrade I made the switch back to Android. I adore this phone! I use it to run my literary journal , take amazing pictures and videos, as a GPS in my car, and for mobile blogging. It’s beautifully crafted and one of the fastest phones I’ve used.

8. NARS Dragon Girl lip pencil
I have a slight obsession with a good red lip. Dragon Girl is perfectly matte and lasts all day. For a girl who doesn't wear too much make-up, it’s a good step-up from a bare face.

Ms. Dixon's work has been featured on For HarrietOkayplayer, Rolling Out Weekly among other online and print publications.

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