Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Friends. How many of us have them? / Online Gaming

I copped a PlayStation 4 earlier this year after not owning a system since the early days of the PS2 and the Xbox.  It's been roughly 8 years since I had played video games and a lot has changed.

Online gaming is the main thing.  I never did it before owning a PS4.  As much as I love meeting new people online, that's not really the case when it comes to online gaming.  I'm more interested in playing with people that I know to some degree or another.  It's the only way I'm used to playing.  It's funny enough not sitting next to someone.

I've played online against old friends who've moved away, but they are few and far between.  They have busy with lives with wives and children and are often not available to play when I am.

I'd like to play Mercenary Kings with someone.  I love Madden and NBA 2K as much as the next man.  Competition is nice, even the unconventional competition of a Towerfall Ascension, but I love co-op play more.  Something about teaming up with someone to take down a boss is cool.  Remember Double Dragon and Streets of Rage?  Those were my games!  Anyone else like co-op play outside of first person shooters?  Is this unusual?

 I guess this is a long winded way of asking for PSN friends on my birthday.

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Zack Smith said...

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