Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Geekery: Everyone Plays In The Shower

This NES controller is cocoa butter scented!!! How dope is that? You can cop this for yourself . . . or me, here.

You can purchase this Playstation controller, here.

If I ever came across a woman that has an NES soap (I looooove cocoa butter) in her bathroom & she owns these . . . I would be dropping down on bended knee ASAP!


asia kismet said...

yo those are dope. why do i really want some?lol

8thlight said...

because they are dope! that's why you want some. lol

I really want that NES controller.

asia kismet said...

yeah the nintendo one is just so if they had one made like mike tyson's punch's a wrap.

d'lena said...

those are crazy!

Jacobistheman said...

That nintendo controller is badass