Friday, March 13, 2009

Stewart Puts Cramer On Summer Jam Screen

While I watched this interview all I could hear in my head were the gunshots that were at the beginning of Nas' Ether. I could sense that a foot was about to be permanently lodged up Mr. Cramer's hind parts, but I didn't foresee this. This was worse than what Nas did to Jay-Z.
Jon Stewart across the belly/Jim Cramer lost already
This was closer to what 50 Cent did to Ja Rule. Can Jim Cramer & CNBC recover?

Stewart was on the top of his game. He was in a zone. It was one thing for him to ask Cramer why the network wasn't looking out for the public, but for him to then show 3 year old clips of Cramer outing himself as a mini Madoff was the nail in the coffin. He basically reverse Rossed him. Ross is a corrections officer who wants to be seen as the biggest drug trafficker in Miami. Jim Cramer is a crook that wants to be seen as someone who truly cares about the public's financial health.
C.N.B.C., Get gunned up and clapped quick/Dylan Ratigan get gunned up and clapped quick/Your whole damn network gunned up and clapped quick
This interview seemed like it should've been on a Beef street DVD. The interview was clearly an example of Stewart being 20 steps ahead of Cramer. This was a chess vs. checkers moment on par with Couric & Palin.

Mr. Stewart, I am comfortable enough in my manhood to say that I love you! Yup, there . . . I said it! You have cemented yourself as my man crush of all man crushes.

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