Thursday, March 5, 2009

Battle Of The Gas Bags: Race Edition

1. I love how Mike Barnicle went out of his way to call Mr. Dyson his friend. lol

2. I agree with Buchanan that Holder's comments can definitely put certain Caucasian Americans in a defensive posture when it comes to talking openly and honestly about race.

3. I can't believe Dyson didn't work in any Biggie or Pac lyrics.

3. Buchanan's citing of statistics is very short sighted. He has his head in the sand in regards to why those statistics are the way they are. I wouldn't be surprised if Buchanan is just a "reformed" Klansman.

4. LMAO @ Dyson calling the White House, "public housing". It's true, but still funny.

5. I'm glad Dyson toned down his pimpish oratory for this television appearance.

1 comment:

asia kismet said...

i swear they messed up dyson's parts on purpose.