Monday, March 9, 2009

A Rapper, A Comic & A Clown Walk Into A Bar . . .

Last night a friend of mine sent me this clip from The Colbert Report.

After watching it I decided that I really wanted to see the full interview with Mistachuck. I love Chuck D.! He's incredibly underrated as an artist in my opinion. Yeah, I know Public Enemy as a whole are legendary. But, Chuck is never really in the discussion of greatest emcee of all time. For my money it's him or this guy.

I'm getting off of topic! The point of this blog was to mention how annoyed I was with the D.L. Hughley interview. A few things:

1. Why did Steele automatically assume Chuck D. was from the projects or the streets?

2. Why didn't they follow up and ask him why the Republicans never cared about US or what WE thought? He is the party's leader, right? Well, he thinks or wishes he was.

3. Why in the hell is he talking about "selling" the party? You need to worry about fixing the party! If the party ever thought about issues that are important to the Black Community we would support it!

4. Steele, you know damn well they were talking about patronization of Black people by the Republican party! They weren't talking about who was in office first, you as the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland or Barack as a Senator. No one cares about a Lieutenant Governor. Even when you were LT. Governor, you didn't matter in your own party! They would trot you out every now and again, but you weren't a face of the party. You were/are just there in a "see we are diverse", kinda way.

5. BTW, if being LT. Governor of Maryland is so impressive why didn't you help improve Fredrick Douglass High School? As soon as you are talking about the failing schools in Baltimore City, it's the fault of the Democrats? What the hell were you doing, twiddling your thumbs?

6. Why are people accepting the spin that Lush Rimbaugh doesn't want the country to fail, just Liberalism? When you root for the President to fail you are also rooting for the country to fail! I did like Bush, but I didn't root for him to fail. I just thought the things he wanted would not work for the country.

7. He was a Republican since 17? *scratches head* I'm speechless over that one.

8. How did this show make it on to CNN? Comedy Central . . . maybe . . . but CNN?

9. Of all people, why did D.L. get to have this show? I've never thought of him as very funny, clever or insightful. CNN, you're an actual news outlet. Why didn't you give this spot in your line up to an actual Black journalist? I would love to have seen Michele Norris, Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley, Gwen Eiffel, Michel Martin or Ron Allen get some quality time to ask serious questions!

10. CNN, you still have time to address issue #9, now that you put D.L. out to pasture.

* Chuck shouldn't have even shown up for these shenanigans!

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Athena said...

The whole "new face" approach just smacks of being less than on the up and up. You aren't changing the fundamentals of your party and what you represent, you are changing the surface (oddly what they criticized about Democrats these last couple of years). Show me true progress, fairness and just common sense and perhaps I would listen.