Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can We Please Bury The Word, Swagger?

This "L" goes to both of them! Him for living the life he lived and her for loving it.


SolShine7 said...

Hip-hop ruined the word swagger. Every time I hear it I inwardly cringe. Bury it, ASAP!

8thlight said...

The funny thing is that the word in and of itself is negative! It's a negative quality to have. People try to spin it into something else, but even the things they spin it into are negative and they don't even realize it.


asia kismet said...

YES please do. i swear the internet killed so many's capacity for vocabulary and replaced it with nonsense.

Stephanie said...

Today, I saw a license plate that says "SWAGA" and thought about this post :)

I miss Mablean or however you spell the old Divorce Court lady's name.

8thlight said...


You don't like Judge Toler? She's my favorite tv judge.


asia kismet said...

my fave is judge hatchett.