Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Biggie Day

Once again another March 9th has arrived, which I am sure has brought one or two Biggie posts to your google reader. lol  I don't have any cool mixtape to post today, but I figured I would just pass along some songs that I like that you may or may not have. For the most part these are just mash ups and remixes with one or two unreleased joints.

Machine Gun Funk [DJ Premier Remix] and For The Macs & Dons off of Ready To Die [O.G. Edition]

Dead Wrong [Ratatat Remix]

Gremlins off of Cookin' Soul's Night Of The Living Dead

Wavin' The .44 is off of Kickdrums' Smash The System

Jay-Z & Biggie - Whatchu Want

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy,


*P.S. To download a song from divshare just click on the word divshare to the right.

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