Sunday, August 3, 2008

Biggie - Ready To Die [O.G. Edition]

I damn near wet myself when I saw this and again when I heard it! I copped this over at Rosenberg Radio, but I had to clean up the files and tag them right. I had to have this titled properly and showing up right when I played it! Anyway here's a break down of some of the things included:

The Intro in this version includes the uncleared samples, The What with additional unheard lyrics, Pete Rock's version of Juicy & Suicide Thoughts and DJ Premier's version of Machine Gun Funk . . . go ahead and reread what I just wrote! Primo's remix of Machine Gun Funk!!!!

There is definitely a tingling sensation in the underparts. Enjoy!

01 Intro [Original Version]
02 Things Done Changed [Original Version]
03 Gimme The Loot [Original Version]
04 Machine Gun Funk [DJ Premier Remix]
05 Warning [Original Version]
06 Ready To Die [Original Version Alternate Beat]
07 One More Chance [Original Version]
08 Fuck Me [Interlude]
09 The What (Featuring Method Man) [Original Version]
10 Juicy [Pete Rock Remix]
11 Everyday Struggle [Original Demo Version]
12 Me & My Bitch [Original Version Alternative Beat]
13 Respect [Original Extended Edition]
14 Friend Of Mine [Original Demo Version]
15 Whatchu Want [Original Version] (Unreleased Track)
16 Suicidal Thoughts [Pete Rock Remix]
17 Come On (Featuring Sadat X) [Unreleased Original Version]
18 Who Shot Ya? [Original Demo Mix]
19 For The Macs & Dons (Unreleased Track)
20 Pepsi Freestyle (Unreleased Track)
21 Biggie Got The Hype Shit (Unreleased 1991 Demo Track)

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Anonymous said...

Oh damn 8thlight...I think I almost wet myself too!! LOL

I love Biggie!