Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deep Thoughts (Rambling Man)

If Stevie Wonder were a white woman, he'd be Carly Simon . . . I wish zShare would get their shit together and enable embedding of content. I like the way the windows player is embedded in their site . . . Will a younger NAACP leader improve the image of the organization with younger people, like yourself? Yeah, I said it YOU, that is if anyone is actually reading this . . . Where's my Oprah? Where's the Oprah for Black men? Seems like she always giving stuff out or doing things for women. I could use a free car or something . . . Yesterday while on my lunch break I saw 4 guys all on Segways. I've decided that I want to start a Segway gang. Something similar to a motorcycle gang, but with Segways. We would have cool leather jackets with our nicknames on them . . . I'm tired of Olivia Munn on AOTS. She's not funny and she clearly is just another Ron Burgandy:

I wish they would get someone who actually did know something about games and gadgets, instead of someone who is just trying to act. Her schtick is getting tired . . . Does Jay-Z need to have a passenger in the car when he's in the HOV lane?


ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

LOL @ 'your Oprah.' I feel you. In fact where's my Oprah? I'd like to vacation in her pool house. ;-)

Blog Queen said...

you're funny! Oprah gives dudes stuff too. You've just got to be in her audience on the right day. As far as the NAACP goes, I think it's played out....just a mere shadow of the powerhouse it used to be with regard to the way black folk thought about it...

RskimB said...

lol the white female Stevie Wonder.

Segway Gang would be bad ass, terrorizing the sidewalks and whatnot.

janice said...

re: The white female Stevie Wonder. I always thought it was Carol King?
re: Oprah. They say you have to give to recieve... viewers. (ow!)
re: Segway Gang. Maybe you'd like to try getting your feel of new bourgeois with Segway Polo

Steve Wozniak on his ride

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I think it looks like Oprah gives more to womem because, more women are in her audience.

Very cute. . .Jay Z and the HOV lane.

Lee said...

I feel you on that Munn crap!!
Is she hot...depends.
Is she funny...depends.
Does she know shit about anything...FUCK NO!!!

I'll take Morgan Webb anyday (but only if we could put Morgan into Olivia's body - hmmm...)

Anonymous said...

yea, olivia sucks...chile is too damn annoying!

weak @ Jay we'll being hearing that on the next album! lol

8thlight said...

@ Shae-Shae: Oprah IS your Oprah. She's always looking out for women. The men on the other hand . . . :(

@ Blog Queen: There are nothing but women in her audience and she doesn't even address the topics that affect men & women. As for the NAACP, it maybe played, but can it come back? Is there any organization that isn't played that has picked up the mantle?

@ rskimb: I just saw another gang of Segways a few days ago. They were 10 deep! TEN!!! Apparently they do Segway tours through downtown. lol

@ Janice: I don't do bougie, but badass works. Segway polo would just such a shark jump. But a Segway gang with matching leather jackets . . . SWEET!

@ True Urban Queen: I try. :)

@ lee & free2bee: I think I have found the perfect replacement for Munn. Zadi Diaz of Epic Fu. She's smart, funny and much better looking IMO.

softjunebreeze said...

I been told you zShare sucks.

softjunebreeze said...

P.S. Why would men need a male equivalent of Oprah? Isn't the inherent patriarchy of American society enough? If we have to settle for getting paid 80 cents to every dollar a man makes for doing the same job, then I'd say having someone like Oprah levels the playing field.

softjunebreeze said...

P.P.S I guess I should clarify: Oprah doesn't totally level the playing field for women's empowerment - not by a long shot. But it's a start dammit, HAHA.