Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why The Steelers Will Not Make The Playoffs

As much as it hurts to admit this, I feel it's going to be a long season for us. Sadly, this has been one of the worst off seasons for the Steelers in my lifetime. How do you have the worst offensive line in the league and do NOTHING to improve it? As much as I love Mendenhall we didn't need a running back in the first round or receiver Limas Sweed in the second, no matter what Ben says. Our first 2 picks should've been offensive linemen and if there weren't any that were worth taking at those picks we should have traded down for more picks. We didn't sign one free agent of note or make any effort to keep Alan Faneca. When the schedule got harder last season we were losing for two huge and obvious reasons. We couldn't protect the passer and we couldn't get to the opposition's quarterback. The only thing that kept us from leading the league in sacks allow was the elusiveness of Ben. But, when you invest $100 million in a position you might want to do a better job of protecting your investment. Plus, I think Willie Parker would appreciate a few nice holes every now and again.

I just want to know who's mother did we slap to get this schedule? We have the Super Bowl champs, the Colts, Chargers, Pats and Cowboys in a 7 week span. The best that we can do is 8 - 8 in my opinion.

Sun, Sep 7 Houston 1:00 PM
Sun, Sep 14 at Cleveland 8:15 PM
Sun, Sep 21 at Philadelphia 4:15 PM
Mon, Sep 29 Baltimore 8:30 PM
Sun, Oct 5 at Jacksonville 8:15 PM
Sun, Oct 19 at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Sun, Oct 26 NY Giants 4:15 PM
Mon, Nov 3 at Washington 8:30 PM
Sun, Nov 9 Indianapolis 4:15 PM
Sun, Nov 16 San Diego 4:15 PM
Thu, Nov 20 Cincinnati 8:15 PM
Sun, Nov 30 at New England 4:15 PM
Sun, Dec 7 Dallas 4:15 PM
Sun, Dec 14 at Baltimore 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 21 at Tennessee 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 28 Cleveland 1:00 PM

P.S. Don't question my fanhood because I can see the forest for the trees. lol Just because I'm moving to Chicago doesn't mean that I don't still bleed black & gold! I hope I'm wrong about this season, but I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

(*stickin the knife in deeper!*)

As a loyal BRONCO fan and an AFC rival...i hope ya'll don't make the play-offs! lol One less team for us to worry about! lol

8thlight said...

Your Broncos are looking damn good . . . for now. lol Can they keep it up, though?

Shelia said...

8thlight, Keep Hope Alive!

Every Sunday, or day of Steelers play, I suit up (put on my authentic Bettis jersey), get the appropriate snacks, turn all telephone ringers off and zone in on the game. Thus sending the Steelers my mental energy, lol.

Noooo, it didn't work Sunday against Philadelphia, but I'll be right back there this Sunday working the same ritual!

8thlight said...

You're a Steelers fan? Sweet! Where are you from/at?

Shelia said...

Yeah, I'm a die-hard Steelers fan.

Los Angeles is home, currently in Virginia.