Sunday, August 24, 2014

@SESweeting aka Snark Twain's #8Essentials

I found a second victim volunteer for my 8 Essentials segment.  This time it's Sharri aka Snark Twain aka @SESweeting.  She's one of the funnier people on Twitter, whether she's live tweeting television or giving a play by play on everyday annoyances.

Without further ado ...

1. Zebra F-301 Fine Point Pen
I'm a lefty, and this pen never bleeds and lasts forever. Since most pens are designed for right handed people, so when I use them they stop working way before the ink runs out. This pen never lets me down.

2. Air Max ‘90s
These have been my favorite sneakers for just over 10 years now. The old school chunky running silhouette reminds me of the glory days of the ‘90s where all the cool girls wore tennis skirts and sneakers.

3. Galaxy Note 3
I was hesitant about getting such a large phone, because I worried about whether it would fit in my pocket. Then I realized that I usually keep my phone in my handbag anyway so I joined the phablet club. This is the first cell phone where I actually use all of the features: the wifi hotspot, the split screen, document scanning, and yes, I actually create handwritten notes on it.

4. Galaxy Gear
This watch was given to me as a gift from my husband, and I actually use it every day. It’s extremely clutch when my phone is at the bottom of my purse (which is always), and when I get notifications that aren’t worthy of my picking up my phone immediately.

5. Galaxy Note 10.1
I know, it’s a lot of Samsung products but they help me keep my life in order these days. I use this tablet mainly for preliminary sketches and graphic layouts. Photoshop Touch and SketchBook for Galaxy are pretty good apps for that. I also do most of my reading and social media catch-up on there.

6. Moleskine Professional Notebook
The pages in this notebook are sectioned off for ultimate organization and it comes with stickers and perforated to-do list pages for you to rip out and use. This is the ultimate project-planning notebook. I forgo the tablet and go old school notebook when I don't want to be distracted by emails, IMs, tweets and all of the other notifications that pop up. I also find it less distracting during client meetings; people tend to ask
465 questions about the tablet when I pull it out, and then the meeting turns into me giving them tech advice on whether they need to buy one for themselves.

7. Constant Comment Tea from Bigelow
My favorite flavor tea. It tastes wonderful both hot and iced.

8. Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II
I had prescription lenses put in these and wear them every day. I saw someone with wireframe aviator reading glasses and had to have them. They were Tom Ford which I couldn't afford, but these turned out to be a way cooler alternative.

If following her on Twitter isn't enough you can also get your fill of Sharri over at The Brisk Convergence.

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