Friday, August 7, 2009

Google Voice/Are You Cell Phone Worthy?

I'm a Google fanboy. I don't say this with any embarrassment or anything like that. I'm just acknowledging the facts. I use google for my e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, browser and now for my home phone service . . . well, kinda.

I recently received my invite to Google Voice and this is soooo dope! It logs all of my calls online. I can listen to any voice mails online without going through endless menu options! Plus, Google Voice gives me the ability to screen calls and take the call in the middle of someone leaving a message. You can even record your calls! How dope is that? There also doesn't appear to be a limit on how long they will save your voice mail messages. You don't even have to have the calls forwarded to your phone if you don't wish. You can simply use it as a voice mailbox.

This is going to definitely save some of my daytime minutes.

As of this moment I only have one phone and that's a cell phone with a Pittsburgh area code. I decided to use my google voice number as a virtual land line. When I was back home I was without a cell phone for a minute and during that time I made a friend who had recently moved back to Pittsburgh from New York. Unfortunately my friend didn't have a land line and her only phone was a cell phone with a New York area code. So, I was stuck having to have her call me and let's just say she wasn't the best with keeping in touch. You know who you are! lol

Unlike my friend *cough*, I'm going to be embrace my Chicago brethren without cell phones! Frankly, I think I will be giving out my cell phone number less and less. Thanks to this, the cell will probably be reserved for close friends that I see and talk to a ton. I'm even throwing the Google voice number on my resume so I won't miss any important calls due to cell phone issues.

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P.S. Google's giving away 50,000 free sets of business cards showing off your google number. You don't even have to pay for shipping! I just received my confirmation e-mail stating that mine are on the way so you still have a chance to pass out some free business cards at the next job fair or networking event you attend.

P.P.S. Damn that was a long ass post script.

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