Sunday, March 1, 2009

About Damn Time, Talib!/Internet Connection

Since I had given up on another Black Star album YEARS ago, the only other album I ever wanted to hear from Talib was another Reflection Eternal album. It's the only album of his that he had beats that fit him for a whole album. Plus, it just had a really great feel to it. As pointed out to me by others, he's had albums that were engineered better. They may have sounded better sonically, but in terms of musically . . . not so much. He's dropped some dope songs on his solo albums here & there like Get By, Guerrilla Monsoon Rap, Black Girl Pain & Beautiful Struggle. But for the most part he hasn't put together a complete album since Reflection Eternal (Train Of Thought). Hopefully this is a sign of things to come . . .

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asia kismet said...

eak! [i know how you feel about the blackstar thing, i listen to some of their unreleased stuff every now and maybe...then i realize it's 10 years] but reflection eternal train of thought was dope for your auditory senses.
sigh ...hopefully it doesn't end up like the long anticipated black thought solo album that never

8thlight said...

Yeah, I was seriously amped for the Black Thought solo. I'm still trying to find the original songs that he did that ended up on the Roots album, like the original Thought @ Work!