Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mos Def Goes Hard . . . Kinda . . . Not Really *sigh*

Is it just me or was his heart not in that at all? I'm afraid the Mos Def I loved on Black On Both Sides is dead and gone.

*pours out Barq's Root Beer for dead homie*

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Beckie said...

It's like all the right components are there, but the spirit isn't. Seems like once rappers hit the big (or little) screen, they lose some bite. That's across the board..all of them; LL, Will (yeah, I put him there), Latifah, Mos, Ices Cube & T, fiddy (jury's still out) Snoop. What the deal?

8thlight said...

Yeah, I hate when artists forget what made them. As far as your list goes, I think all of them with the exception of Fiddy were past their prime when they started acting, anyway. Mos didn't even necessarily make it to his prime.


Kia said...

i don't love it, but i still love him. also, I'm not a santogold fan, so that doesn't help. also, *life in marvelous times* left me disappointed.