Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Makes Life Easier For Audiophiles

Have you done a google search for a song or artist, lately? If you have you may have noticed a slight change in your search results. Here's the story behind that.

. . . search and more easily discover millions of songs, all via a simple Google web search. If you're searching for music, "time to result" is really "time to music." Now, when you enter a music-related query — like the name of a song, artist or album — your search results will include links to an audio preview of those songs provided by our music search partners Myspace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala. When you click the result you'll be able to listen to an audio preview of the song directly from one of those partners.

If a song is popular enough, you can even possibly find it by just doing a search of it chorus or hook.

Many times, though, you don't know the name of the song or the artist who sings it. Maybe you remember only the chorus — or maybe you remember who sang it, but you forgot the exact name of the song. If you've ever heard a catchy song in a car or cafe, but just can't figure out the name of the song, you'll know what I'm talking about. This search feature also helps you find many of those songs by entering a search containing a line or two of lyrics.

For more info on this new feature, take a look at Google's Blog.

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Steph said...

yeah, i noticed and am happy 'cause im not too sharp lol