Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's the first thought that enters your mind after viewing this?

I have an opinion, but I want to know what you think without input from me. They are definitely piggybacking off of Chris Rock's documentary.


Kyra said...

I think wherever they got this idea, they need to sit down somewhere. That appears to be the kind of reaction that black women feared would come from Chris Rock opening "the floodgates" on weave mockery. That's a little over the line, in my opinion.

jay said...

This is the order of feelings:
1. I chuckled at first.
2. Then felt no opinion really.
3. Then thought "oh we're still making jokes about that?" even when non-black women get just as many extensions (if not more) than black women do?
4. Realized I'll forget about it within the hour.


*Coop* said...

This commercial is old. It was out way before Good Hair.

I'm indifferent. Can't get mad at the commercial when I know those women.

sue me.

*twists locs*

8thlight said...

@ Coop This is old? I never even saw this on television and I've seen other KGB spots. Damn, I'm always last to the party! lol