Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Geekery: Kid Robot + Adult Swim = Want!

I wish that you could pick and choose which ones you could buy. From what I see, the main ones on my wish list would be Dr. Girlfriend (shown above) & The Monarch. Too bad there don't appear to be any Boondocks figures. I couldn't find any trace of these figures on Kid Robot's website, but you can purchase them through
Your favorite and most aesthetically pleasing Adult Swim characters have been lovingly crafted into figurines by the best in the business of love crafting toys: Kidrobot. To add to the dizzying excitement, these vinyl collectibles will be given the blind box treatment, which means that when you place an order, you won’t know which ones you’ll be receiving! A must for all you geeks! And that means everyone!
  • Set of 3 random figures $29.97
  • Pool of 18 characters include Carl, Dr. Girlfriend, Murderface, Robot Chicken and more, plus two limited production mystery figures
  • Blind box treatment in keeping with your uncertain future
  • Perfect for mantel displays, desk decoration, courtroom reenactments, etc.
  • Free USA Ground Shipping

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