Thursday, May 6, 2010

Android Love: A Google Fanboy's Love Story

Up until two weeks ago my cell phone of choice was the LG EnV2. I chose the EnV2 over two years ago because I badly wanted a solid phone with a QWERTY keyboard. I'm a fairly big text messenger and I find it very convenient. I was coming off of a very bad experience with the Motorola Q (Never again, Motorola!) and at that point I just wanted something that would actually make calls and receive messages.

I had my EnV2 for two to three years and during that time there has been a smartphone explosion that I have been jealously sitting on the sidelines observing. I would see everyone sending tweets from their phones using UberTwitter, TweetieTwitter for BlackBerrry and would feel technologically segregated.  I would used to try using Twitter via SMS, but that isn't feasible since they disabled the ability to track your username.

But, that has all changed now that I have joined the Android Nation!  I've been playing around with my Droid Eris for two weeks, now.  I'm definitely in love with it.  I've started to figure out what's all the fuss about in regards to apps, that kids have been talking about.  Until  recently apps were for other people.  They were for the cool kids, until I took a trip to the Android Market.  Now I can tweet on the go with twidroid or tweet videos using TwitVid.

Tweeting is nice and all, but the main thing that I love about it is that all of the Google Products that I use are at my finger tips at all times.  The integration of Google Voice is phenomenal.  I love having the option of toggling between making a phone call or sending a text with my cell phone number or my Google number with the push of a button.  The synchronization of my Gmail, Google ContactsCalendar are seamless.  But, I think the icing on the cake is the appearance of Google Talk on Android.  This is a very small detail, but it's a detail that I love . . . when you have a contact in Gchat that is online through their cell phone, a small cell phone icon shows up next to their name.  It gets better!  If the person is online through their phone and it's an Android Phone, a small Android icon shows up!  How dope is that?  I didn't know so many of my friends and contacts had Android phones.

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