Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Girlfriends In Black & White (Rambling Man)

I saw this blog: The New Lisa Turtle™: I AM NOBODY'S FETISH and two things came to mind . . .

1. The cat in question is b*tchmade! (RE: Censorship - 8thlight is for the children) And for that he gets an L and can be added to the "We need to do better Hall of Fame".

2. I truly wonder, what his definiton of acting like a white girlfriend is?

I just feel that there are qualities and things that you like in a person. Just like there are qualities and things that you don't in a person. I don't, nor should anyone, attribute a positive or negative quality to a race of people. Are somethings more prevalent in one set of people than another? Maybe, but no one owns a particular behavior or act. It's funny depending on what he's looking for in a woman this mouthbreather from the blog linked above maybe looking for the same things another black man is looking for, but the other guy doesn't see those qualities as being black or white and he doesn't say that he's looking for a black girl that acts white.

What do you feel is a black boyfriend that acts white or a black girlfriend that acts white? Have you been called either?

I will probably come back and edit this and make it a little more coherent, but I just wanted to get it up while I was thinking of it.


Lisa Marie Turtle (2008 Model) said...

Oooo yay! Excuse my excitement but my post inspired something so I guess I'm like kinda happy.

I unfortunately have fallen victim to the white label my whole life. It started with family members and never ended there... In a heated argument, my own mother even called me a "little white girl" because she knew it would get under my skin. The name calling can't be put solely on the black population, I've received from black people, white people, latinos, everyone. When I was very young (under 10) it used to hurt my feelings a lot, as a preteen and early teen I laughed and joked about it, and now it pisses me off. It's disrespectful to me, my race, white people, the human race. It's stupid to try and pigeonhole an entire group of people to one set of characteristics. But what I think offends me most is what I'm doing that makes me "white." It usually starts with the way I talk and I know how I talk, I talk like somebody born in Louisiana that grew up in a Maryland suburb. No I don't talk like the majority of the people on BET but neither do most of the black people I know. They move on from their to my set of friends... I'll be the first to admit as far as black friends go (especially girls) I am lacking. This isn't because I think I'm white, this is because of where I grew up and where I live now... Black people are simply outnumbered so that's just how it goes. I feel like maybe people expected me to befriend all the black people there were but I'm a picky person so it's not that I don't like black people, it's that I don't like most people. I hate this idea of "acting white" or thinking you're white... I wouldn't put it on anyone but LARRY ELDERS.

rheal said...

you sure are a rambling man