Tuesday, August 17, 2010

G4 TV Finally Wakes Up And Brings App To Android

It took forever it seems, but they finally got around to people that actually don't have iPhones. Attack Of The Show sucks, but having Sessler's Soapbox & Fresh Ink where ever you go is a definite plus.
Our app will provide you with a fully searchable treasure trove of up-to-the-second gaming news, game trailers, exclusive expert reviews, high-quality videos, interviews with gaming luminaries, unmatched tips, tricks and cheats and much, much more. Then, share the awesomeness you've discovered with your pals via email or Facebook.

But that isn't all. Our apps are also your window into G4. Check out our comprehensive television schedule, and view exclusive clips from Attack of the Show, X-Play, and Web Soup. Access our exciting event coverage from E3, CES, Comic-Con and other nerd gatherings, including press conferences, hands-on demos, and exclusive interviews.
The app is free so you can access through the Android Market on your phone or by scanning the image below with your phone.

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