Monday, January 17, 2011

Guest Blog - Essential Sites: When It Drops

By Jenali for

Like the title suggests, this post will feature a website I find essential. These are sites that I use frequently and recommend. In the coming weeks, I'll choose other websites to feature as well. The first site to be featured is When It Drops.

When It Drops is a simple site that allows you to see what new movies, books, albums, dvds, and games are being released this week, next week and two weeks from now. This site is perfect for me because it tells me exactly what I want to know quickly. It reminds me of the suggestions section on GetGlue (another site I'll feature in the future).

In addition to letting you see what will be or is available, you can purchase these items on Amazon or B&N, watch the trailer or purchase movies tickets, or add the dvds to your Netflix queue. Moving your mouse over the image will reveal what options are available. If you're viewing on a touchscreen device, tapping the image will do the same. The Rotten Tomato meter will appear for movies that debuted in theaters this week or last week.

For those using tumblr, you can follow the weekly updates there. If you're looking for a quick update of what's releasing in stores and online, I recommend using When It Drops. If you've used this site or have a recommendation of a site that does this better, let me know in the comments.

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