Saturday, October 8, 2011

Music Reviews In A Minute: J. Cole - Cole World, The Sideline Story

Well, rumor had it –  that a man from The Ville (Fayetteville, North Carolina to be exact), caused a Cole World to emerge out in these streets; but the release of J.Cole's "Cole World: The Sideline Story" hastily reset this rumor to a truth.

Looking back, I’d say that the breakdown of J. Cole’s (@JColeNC) undertakings leading to the release of this album, are indeed commendable: he released three mixtapes (The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights) all of which sparked an admirable buzz attached to his name; Jay-Z signed him to Roc Nation in 2009 with “Lights Please” being one of the many influences to Cole joining the Roc Nation team; and let us not forget his guest features on Wale’s "Beautiful Bliss" and “Bad Girls Club", Jay-Z’s “A Star Is Born”, Reflection Eternal’s “Just Begun”, and Miguel’s “All I Want Is You” – to name only a few of many – and the release of his Any Given Sunday installments. Pretty impressive for an up-and-coming artist with such short exposure in the music game to date and no chart topping single, but only the determination and strength to hustle with "a dollar and a dream"...

...After listening to this album, I am clearly convinced that J. Cole has some stories to tell.

01.  Intro (Interlude)
02.  Dollar And A Dream III   ***** | ***
03. Can't Get Enough  (ft. Trey Songz)  **** | ****
04.  Lights Please  ***** | ***
05.  Interlude
06.  Sideline Story  **** | ***
07.  Mr. Nice Watch  (ft. Jay-Z)  *** | ***
08.  Cole World   *** | ***
09.  In The Morning (ft. Drake)  ***** | ***
10.  Lost Ones  **** | ***
11.  Nobody's Perfect (ft. Missy Elliott)  ***** | ****
12.  Never Told   **** | *****
13.  Rise And Shine  ***** | ****
14.  God's Gift  ***** | ***
15.  Breakdown  ***** | ***
16. Work Out   *** | ***
17. Who Dat (Bonus Track)  ***** | ****
18. Daddy's Little Girl (Bonus Track)  *** | ***

Dayrell - 86
8thlight - 68

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8thlight said...

I feel the need to clarify my ratings. I think J. Cole represented himself VERY well on his debut album, but I was very underwhelmed by a lot of the beats.