Tuesday, November 8, 2011

mistamonotone - Taboo Beat Tape

the concept of this beat-"tape"/"cd"/"album"/download is TABOO. certain taboos exist within the beat making world (or at least they used to...lol). thou shall not sample from CDs! thou shall not useth breaketh beats! thou shalt not use the wretched stock-ed drum recordings! thou shant sample MP3s! thou shalt not loop thine samples! thou mustn't partaketh of the youtubery! surely you shall not sample ******, he/she/they will sue thine a$$ off! ...THAT RECORD JUST CAME OUT, YOU CAIN'T SAMPLE DAT, FOO!!!
basically, i sampled anything that i could connect to my mixer. hopefully you enjoy it and pass it along to a friend...or a person you don't like that much, but may possibly enjoy it. thanks for listening!

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