Sunday, May 20, 2012

Showbiz & A.G. - #MugshotMusic: Preloaded (Free Album)

In preparation for their upcoming release MugShotMusic, Showbiz & A.G. have decided to whet our appetites with Preloaded.  Enjoy . . .


01. DJ Premier's Road Test (Featuring DJ Premier)
02. That Nigga Crazy
03. Wolves (Featuring O.C.)
04. Here and Now
05. I Just Go Along
06. God Is 4 Us
07. Berri Love (Featuring O.C.)
08. Walk With Me
09. You IN Trouble (Featuring DJ Premier)
10. My Imagination
11. Show And A
12. South Bronx Shit (Featuring DJ Premier)
13. Experience
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Bond

You can also cop the Preloaded: Deluxe Version with bonus content.

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