Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Amazon Changing Digital Music Again?

Last year I mentioned how Amazon launched a digital music service & cloud player.  I was definitely excited to see a true competitor to itunes.  Originally Amazon's cloud player only utilized songs that you already had to upload yourself or song that you bought through Amazon MP3.  You can find out more details about that here.
But recently I stumbled upon this phenomenal piece of news for long time Amazon users on
Sources tell Billboard that Amazon is working to launch a feature that will populate its Cloud Player accounts with tracks from physical CDs purchased on Amazon. One estimate puts the new feature launching this fall.
Now Amazon is planning to populate Cloud Player accounts with the tracks its customers purchase in the CD format. According to sources, Amazon wanted its customers' CD purchases to automatically populate their Cloud Player accounts just as MP3 purchases currently show up in a buyer's account. One source points to a fall launch.
I don't know about you, but I have been buying CDs from Amazon for years.  Many of those CDs have already been sold or traded in.  I went back and looked at my purchase history and I saw at least a handful of albums that I no longer own, but also don't have a digital copy.  I may be easily impressed, but if this does happen I will definitely be geeked.

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