Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can She Kick It?/I Know She Got Sole

Basically this blog is for me to write about shit I like and to hopefully turn you on to it as well and hopefully for you to pass the word. I don't know her. Hell, I don't even know her gubment (yeah, I wrote it!). But, anyway I first came across Kromey on She seemed to be a huge Nas fan and she was one of the few women on the site who actually had a high to super compatibility rating with me, plus her avitars always caught my eye. So, I did my normal e-team thing and hit her up with an invite to my group on Well, fast forward to last week. I always saw the link to her site on her page, but I never bothered to click for whatever reason. Lately I have been looking for new wallpaper for my laptop and I hadn't been able to find anything hot in ages. So I happened to stumble upon her page recently and decide to click on and I found out that her shit is ridiculous! Everything is insane! The site layout is crazy and the photos and faux oil paintings are pure fire! If you don't like her shit then I don't like you! lol Just kidding, but check out some of her work (note - her first pic is my current wallpaper):

If you like what you see, and how could you not, hit up her site. If you need artwork for a project or a website done, I'm pretty sure she can make your shit tighter.

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