Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm A Dumbass!

Why am I a dumbass, you may ask? Well, look over to the left of the screen. Do you see the e-mail address that's listed there for contact purposes? It's been there for sometime now. I created that e-mail account in late September, specifically for this blog. I then connected it to my personal gmail account so my blog mail could be forwarded there. I got a verification e-mail sent to the blog's e-mail address so I had known that I had set everything up properly.

As the weeks and months passed I never saw any e-mail from the blog's e-addy show up in my inbox. I just figured that no one was e-mailing me. My blog is a small little piece of the internet so I didn't think too much of it. Although, I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that it appeared NO ONE was checking the blog.

Fast forward to yesterday. I decided to sign up to comment on another blog with my blog's e-mail address. So I go through your standard procedures in order to register. As what's normally the case, you must wait to receive a confirmation e-mail from the site in order to finally post a comment. After a few minutes I check my blog's e-addy for the e-mail and there's nothing there, yet. This time I go back to the website to have them resend the verification e-mail. Still no e-mail. At this point I'm really curious so I decide to send an e-mail from my personal e-mail address to my blog's e-mail address to see what happens . . . NOTHING!

Finally I decide to log out of my personal gmail account and into the blog's e-mail account to see if it had been deactivated or something. Once I logged in I find that I have 2 verification e-mails as well as over 200 other e-mails, including a Merry Christmas e-mail from The Socialite as well as a few artists who were looking to have their music on my small little blog. :-S

I'm sincerely sorry for any missed e-mails (people who don't reply to messages are a pet peeve of mine). I'm still wading through the ones that weren't time sensitive. Hopefully I will be hitting some of you up directly in the near future to touch base, because I appreciate anyone and everyone who actually takes a second out of their day to stop by and hang out on my little piece of the interwebs.

Thanks & sorry again,


p.s. BTW, I have fixed the linking issue.


a black girl who did date said...

This is one of the reason I like you !!!! You are human just like me.

8thlight said...

Thanks! :-D

How are you? Long time, no see.

Asheley said...

Awwwwwwwwwww... well at least you know people love you! :)

The Diary of a Shy Black Woman said...

Oh least you caught your mistake...however, your not a dumbass at all. hope all is well