Thursday, February 11, 2010

9th Wonder Invented The Remix . . . Again!

01. Babyface – Grown & Sexy [9th Wonder Please Talk To Me Remix]
02. Memphis Bleek – Be At [9th Wonder Fire Remix]
03. Kanye West – Breathe In, Breathe Out [9th Wonder Soul Remix] (Featuring Ludacris)
04. Goapele – Catch 22 (9th Wonder I’m Stylisticin’ On Ya Remix)
05. Heavy D – It’s Your Birthday [9th Wonder Let’s Work Remix] (Featuring Diddy)
06. Method Man – Method Man and 9th [9th Wonder Babydoll Remix]
07. Method Man – Method Man and 9th [9th Wonder Pre-quel Remix]
08. Method Man – Method Man and 9th [9th Wonder Rainy Day Remix]
09. Method Man – Method Man and 9th [9th Wonder Smoke Something Remix]
10. Beyonce – Naughty Girl [9th Wonder Hip-Hop Remix] (Featuring Donna Summer)
11. Kanye West – Never Let Me Down [9th Wonder The Real Hip-Hop Remix] (Featuring Jay-Z)
12. Little Brother – Not Enough (More) [9th Wonder STILL Ain’t Enough Remix]
13. Supernatural – Off The Top [9th Wonder Nature Super Remix] (Featuring DJ Babu On De Cuts)
14. Memphis Bleek – R To The O To The C [9th Wonder Creepin’ Through The Hood Remix]
15. Ghostface – Run [9th Wonder Remix] (Featuring Jadakiss, Nas & Big L)
16. Monica – So Gone [9th Wonder Dedication To The Moon Cuz It’s Black Remix] (Featuring Joe Scudda)
17. Twista – So Sexy [9th Wonder Change Up Remix]
18. Memphis Bleek – Take A Minute To Breathe [9th Wonder I Can Take It Remix]
19. Common – The Corner [9th Wonder 70’s Pimped Out Willie Hutch Remix] (Featuring Kanye West & The Last Poets)
20. Nas – Thief’s Theme [9th’s Back To Metcalf Remix]
21. Tweet – Turn Da Lights Off [9th Wonder Oh No You Didn’t Remix] (Featuring Missy Elliot)
22. John Legend – Used To Love You [9th Wonder Playmates Imaging Remix] (Featuring Renee & Angela)
23. A Tribe Called Quest – Wordplay [9th Wonder Loungin' Around Remix] (Featuring Consequence)
24. The Notorious B.I.G. - Bad Boy, Bad Boy [9th Wonder, I'm The Lost Hitman Remix]

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