Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Geekery: Do You Remember NES Pro Wrestling?

I used to play the hell out of this game.

Well, according to the same artist that made the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out figures has made custom figures for NES Pro Wrestling.

For the uninitiated, starting from the upper left going clockwise: Star Man, King Slender, Fighter Hayabusa, Giant Panther, The Amazon, Great Puma & King Corn Karn

For some close ups of each wrestler hit up Kotaku's gallery.

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Doug Van Minnen said...

I Loved playing NES prowrestling back in the day. I have made CAWS of these wrestlers on my smackdown vs raw games in the past. BTW Where did you get they those action figures?

8thlight said...

The figures weren't mine. That pic is from the article I linked to. They were made from other figures.

Doug Van Minnen said...

That's cool, I didn't think they would be available anyway, the person that made them is quit talented. It's a nice homage to an awesome wrestling game :-)