Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Geekery: The Art Of Brian Wood - Public Domain 2 (Artbook)

Brian Wood, writer of DMZ, Local, The New York FourThe New York Five, NorthlandersHistorical Genre Fiction) and my personal favorite The Couriers.  (Side note:  The Couriers series is criminally slept on series.  If you're a fan of action movies I highly recommend you pick it up.)  Along with being a great writer, Wood is an artist as well and he recently released his latest artbook for free.

I am offering a free download of the entire 132-page Public Domain 2 artbook. It’s about 115 megs, nicely high res, and looks great imported onto my iphone and ipad. It represents about a decade of sketches and random art.
If you like it, please pick up a copy of the signed and numbered ltd ed print book! Khepri’s selling the remaining stock, both editions, and its the only place you can pick it up. There will be no further editions of the book beyond this. Also be sure to check out the mini-screenprints.

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