Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tall Black Guy - Sparkling Adventure

I know that I am very late to the party, but have you ever had someone put you on to something and it kind of goes in one ear and out the other?  Well, that's what happened with Tall Black Guy.  Months ago (maybe even a year) Buscrates played some of his tracks for me and I liked what I heard, but for whatever reason I never followed up on it.  Somehow during my travels through the internet, I stumbled upon Tall Black Guy's work again and this time I was more than ready for it.  You'll definitely be seeing more of his work on the blog in the future.

Sparkling Adventure is featured on Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams, Vol. 1, which is available in CD and vinyl for those crate diggers out there.  BTW, Buscrates is also featured on the project.

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