Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hipster Rap

What's the deal with hipster rap? *in Jerry Seinfeld voice* lol

I thought about doing a blog on this a month or so ago, when I saw an article in the Source or XXL. I don't remember they all look a like to me. I just know that they aren't Mass Appeal. I'm still pouring out liquor for that one . . . well, I would if I drank.

Anyway, there was an article about the boom of hipster rap, I thought to myself, "What the hell is hipster rap?" I'll admit that many times I'm in my own head too often, so somethings I flat out miss. I didn't even really hear the expression hipster all that often offline. So, then I began to read the article and it was just name dropping a good deal of the only artist that have come out in the last few years that I like (see: Lupe, Wale, Kidz In The Hall, Kanye & The Cool Kids). I just thought of it as good music, made by (seemingly) and for regular people. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't see them as a sub-genre, especially Lupe, Wale, Kanye & Kidz. I'll admit that The Cool Kids and few others are a little gimmicky in appearance, but the music is good so who cares?

Why do they need find another name for music that's not about gun-clapping? I love the Clipse, Fiddy & Biggie as much as the next guy, but find another name for THEIR music. Don't try to separate the lighter fair from the label of rap. Just like I hated the term conscious rap, not that anything listed about would be considered conscious, but why not name the other stuff unconscious rap?

Anyway, this video brought this block back to the front of my brain and onto your screen:

What is hipster rap?

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