Monday, September 22, 2008

Yesterday's Performance Was A Preview, Not An Aberration.

Before the season began I made a bit of a prediction on the Steelers season. I couldn't have foreseen Tom Brady going down or all of the injuries on the Colts O-line. Hell, they just got Jeff Saturday back yesterday. So I maybe wrong on my overall prediction, but my analysis still stands!

Why did we draft only one offensive line man? We wasted our first 2 picks of the draft! I still think Mendenhall will be a nice back, but he's not close to overtaking Willie Parker and that tall receiver that Ben wanted so badly can't even make the field. Did he even dress for any of the first three games this season? With a possible ownership change on the horizon those past days of being the most well ran organization in sports maybe numbered. The new owner may not be as patient as the Rooneys if he has the controlling interest and wished to use it. Many of the Yinzers were yelling for Bill Cowher's head even after a trip to the Super Bowl and tons of AFC title games. Imagine if the Yinzers had their way. Maybe we don't pick up that one for the thumb in Detroit. Could you imagine the outcry to oust Tomlin if this stuff keeps up? He doesn't have the resume of Cowher, for obvious reasons, so new ownership will not bat an eye at canning him. The personnel decisions made over the off season were inexcusable.

Luckily the Browns have lost their offensive groove from last season, but the Ravens are gaining confidence with a rookie quarterback. We better nip that in the bud, quickly if we actually have any thoughts of making the playoffs. Hoping for a wild card birth is not an option with the improved Bills & Jets teams and a Broncos' club that will be fighting the Chargers to the very end for the AFC West title. Good thing those games against the Pats, Colts & Bolts are no longer guaranteed loses.

Roethlisberger is blitzed, bothered and battered by Philadelphia's hungry defense

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