Thursday, January 15, 2009

50 Cent - I Get Money [Wikimedia Remix]

What made you decide to remix it?

Roscoe Wiki: I did it because me and my friend, who is also a producer decided to have a friendly competition for a remix of 50 cent's I Get Money.

May, I ask who was the comp?

Roscoe: His name is Lynn Jr. but I call him flamez you can catch him at

What made you decide to just sing the hook instead of adding a verse or a few bars?

Roscoe: I honestly don't know. It really just felt right. I felt like I had already hummed throughout the verse and I felt that added a lot to it. I thought me singing on it would give it even more of my own flavor. With this remix I also felt that since the original I Get Money sampled Audio Two's Top Billin' it would be a good idea to put a little bit more of an old school feel into the track so with that in mind I even sampled drums from Top Billin'.

Now, was this done in a studio or at home?

Roscoe: At home, I do everything at home. Studios are extremely overrated. Why pay money for something you can do by yourself and get the same if not better results?

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